2012-2014 River Conditions

April 23rd, 2014:
  Sturgeon season starts tomorrow where you can keep one for the calendar year!  Check under the Fishing Seasons for sizes.  Also with both forks open I never saw debris coming down the river today.  So hopefully it will be lucky this year and not have to deal with all the logs.  Also be sure to check out the fishing report as a guy staying with us caught a 73 inch sturgeon and I hope to have pictures from him soon!

April 22nd, 2014:
  Just got word about 3:30 PM that both the big fork and little fork are open.... There is not much debris coming past our house as of 3:45 PM.  Grant checked the river just before dark and didn't see any debris coming down the river.  The water looked a little cloudy/dirty.

April 21st, 2014:
  We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We were able to spend time with Alyse's family for the weekend. We did get word that the river is open past Wheelers Point it opened up quick in a few days.  A group that was fishing today mentioned the river was a little dirty but not bad at all.

April 18th, 2014: 
   When we woke up this morning almost all the shore ice was gone and you were able to get to the docks with a boat.

April 16th, 2014:
   Late afternoon the river open up in front of our house!! There is still shore ice and the dock isn't quite open yet but it is open at least!

April 14th, 2014:
  Today is the last day of Walleye Fishing until the opener in May!  We would like to thank everyone for the kind words and having fun even if fishing was slow most of the days.  Now it's time to think about Sturgeon Fishing which is catch and release right now and the season is open April 24-May 7!  We can now see open water from the front door!  It is just starting to come around the bend.

Open water will be in front of our docks soon:

In front of our docks:

April 11th, 2014:
  The Frontier Landing is now open to all boats!!  Grant checked the River about 1:45 PM and it is about 4 miles West of Frontier just in front of the White Church on the Canadian side.  The sun is shinning this afternoon after being cloudy most of the day.
  Last night some of the guests told us that fishing was slower today (April 10th) than on Wednesday.  Still some nice ones caught with many in the mid 20s still.  Also some groups reported catching some sturgeon while fishing for walleyes.

Frontier Landing open for all boats:

About 4 miles West of Frontier Landing near the White Church:

Looking to the east at the end of open water by the white church:

Lots of boats out fishing just to the west of Frontier Landing.  Good luck everyone fishing!

April 10th, 2014:
  Sorry we weren't able to get out and take pictures of the River yesterday we both were busy and didn't want to leave with all the check-ins.  Grant was able to go just before noon and check it out.  The temperature was in the mid 40s and it has been windy all day.  The River is open just less than a mile west of Frontier and the ramp isn't open to big boats as of noon today.  Be sure to keep an eye on the Fishing Reports!  Hope to have an update later tonight or tomorrow morning!  Thank you everyone and hope you have a great time fishing!

Ramp at Frontier:

The end of the River which is just less than a mile west of Frontier:

Some boats near Frontier:

April 8th, 2014:
  Just got word from our cousin at about 11:20AM that small boats can get in at Birchdale Landing (pushing off the shore ice) and that the guy opening the access is hoping by the end of today it will be open for big boats!  We will wait until later this evening to go check the river and the access so we can have pictures of what it looks like when they are done clearing it out.  Thank you to the Koochiching County worker for clearing out the access!
  We were able to check the River around 4 PM today after we had received word that the Birchdale Landing is open to all boats!  The River is open about 3 miles west of Birchdale Landing and has about 5 miles til it is in front of Frontier Landing.

Birchdale Landing all cleared out and ready for all boats:

Looking to the east at Birchdale Landing:

Looking to the west at Birchdale Landing:

This is about the end of the open water which is by the wayside rest just west of Birchdale showing the geese enjoying the open water:

April 7th, 2014:
  We checked the river just before 4 PM and there is open water in front of Birchdale Landing!  The temperature when we got there was 42 degrees and the sun is shining.  On our weather station at home said it was in the low 50s today.  You can see the end of the open water just to the west of Birchdale Landing.  We talked to a guy from Birchdale that said Koochiching County is going try to bring a bigger hoe and break up the shore ice at Birchdale Landing tomorrow.  There are people pushing small boats off the shore ice at Franz Jevne.  We will go back tomorrow mid-morning or early afternoon and see if they were able to open the Landing at Birchdale.
Here is Birchdale Landing showing how much shore ice there is:

Looking to the East at Birchdale Landing:

This is looking to the West at Birchdale Landing showing where the water ends:

The back parking lot is plowed out now along with some of the campsites:

Franz Jevne showing that people are dragging small boats into the river:

April 6th, 2014:
  We checked the river around 2:40 PM and went right back to the spot that was about 5 miles.  There is open water there now!!  There aren't many roads to go down to check the river between Franz Jevne and this spot but we did find one that got us close to the river.  We found that the river ended just 3 miles east of Birchdale Landing so it opened up just over 4 miles in less than 48 hours.  I am really sorry that the pictures aren't as good as they normally are but I (Alyse) forgot the SD card for our big camera in the computer and we had to use our cell phones.
Here is about 3 miles East of Birchdale Landing looking straight ahead:

Here is 3 miles looking to the west and you can barely see there is open water:

Here is about 5.1 miles east of Birchdale Landing where less than 48 hours was completely snow covered with no signs of open water:

April 4th, 2014:
  I made the trip east to check the river because we had calls asking if it was 5 miles east of Birchdale Landing.  I hate to inform everyone I did go 5.1 miles east of Birchdale Landing and all I saw was snow and no signs of open water.  These pictures were taken just before 4 PM and temperature was 38 degrees the whole time.  I was able to see open water about 7.3 miles east of Birchdale Landing and then I wasn't able to see the river anymore.  So it might be a little bit closer to Birchdale Landing but I know for sure there was still open water at this point.

I took this picture at 7.5 miles east of Birchdale Landing because it didn't have as many trees blocking my view:

Here is 5.1 miles east of Birchdale Landing showing that there is still snow and no signs of open water.  I know this picture isn't great but I tried walking down the long hill but it was up past my knee and very wet snow so I didn't go down the hill.  Its hard to see where the river is but it is right behind all the trees:

April 3rd, 2014: 
  We had temperatures in the high 30s today but it was cloudy most of the day.  We went and checked the river about 4 PM and hate to inform everyone that it has maybe moved 2/10 of a mile making it 8.5 miles east of Birchdale Landing.
Here is a picture of the end at the Manitou Rapids:

Here is the same spot but just zoomed in:

April 1st, 2014:
   We woke up this morning to at least 12 inches of fresh snow but the further east Grant drove the less snow they had gotten.  Kuttes Landing in Pelland looked like it maybe got 2 inches of fresh snow.  When Grant was plowing today he had seen it was 31 degrees and the sun was shinning but very windy today.  Grant checked the River and it is open 8.7 miles east of Birchdale.  In 6 days the river opened 9.1 miles!!  Kuttes Landing in Pelland has some thin shore ice that got blown in from the wind the last two days.

This is showing the end of the open water which is 8.7 miles east of Birchdale this is looking to the west:

This is 8.7 miles from Birchdale Landing looking to the East:

Here is 17.8 miles where we took the last pictures 6 days ago showing how much it has opened up:

Kuttes Landing in Pelland:

March 26, 2014:
  Grant went and checked the River just after 4PM today.  He went back to the same spot that we took pictures which was 17.8 miles East of Birchdale Landing.  He also went to the Kuttes Landing in Pelland, MN and took some pictures.
Here are some pictures at 17.8 miles East of Birchdale Landing:

This picture is also 17.8 miles east of Birchdale Landing showing the end and where the ice is again:

Kuttes Landing in Pelland, MN:

March 23, 2014:
   Around noon today we went and checked the river conditions.  We have had many calls and questions wondering if we are really a head of last year as other places have told them this.  I want to let everyone know that we are not a head of schedule compared to last year.  The River is about 10 miles further east than it was in 2013 if you would like to view last year's River information just scroll down further on this page.
   Now onto the information you are wanting for this year.  We found open water that is 17.8 miles East of Birchdale Landing.  The rapids at Franz Jevne had some open water.

Here is open water we found that is 17.8 miles East of Birchdale:

Here is a picture showing the rapids are only open at Franz Jevne which is 1.9 miles east of Birchdale:

March 19th, 2014:
  We had some friends that drive from International Falls during the week and stopped to take a picture of the River for us.  It means a lot to us and thank you so much guys!  They said the river was open just west of Loman so which makes it about 20.5 miles East of Birchdale Landing. 

This picture is taken approximately 20.5 miles East of Birchdale Landing and its showing some ice that is left in this spot:

March 16th, 2014:
  My mom (Alyse's mom) and I ventured to International Falls today to check on the River Conditions.  From where you can tell the River is open at Big Fork and to the west of there.  For sure the river is open 25.8 miles east of Birchdale Landing.  But you can tell the River is open to the west of the Big Fork so at Loman Rest Stop I walked to thru the hard snow up to my knees to see if I could see open water, the snow was yellow and slushy looking.  So making a guess it is open somewhere between 21.6 to 25.8 miles east of Birchdale Landing there just was no where to stop for picture or that you could see the River from the road.  Also we just wanted to remind everyone we won't be doing daily checks yet because it is just over 100 miles round trip.

Here is picture at Loman in the Rest area (21.6 miles east of Birchdale Landing) showing the ice is yellowish and disappearing but not quite all the way open yet:

Here is a view right off the bridge at the Big Fork River which is 25.8 miles East of Birchdale Landing:

This is 27.7 miles East of Birchdale Landing just showing how much the River is open it was hard to find a spot to take a good picture:

March 15th, 2014:
  We had a report from a customer that the Rainy River is open what he thought was about 23 miles east of Birchdale Landing/Nelson Park.  We are going tomorrow to find out for sure and take pictures.  Make sure to check back tomorrow evening for an update.  Hopefully this winter storm for Monday Night and into Tuesday goes south of us as I am sick of winter and ready for some Spring weather and fishing!

March 14th, 2014:
  I just wanted to let everyone know that we are going on Sunday to check the River Conditions and will post information and pictures of what we see!  Yesterday I saw it was up to 56 degrees and now today it is in the 20s and windy.  Hoping those low temperatures for night that are below zero change so spring can come faster for everyone!

March 12th, 2014:
  Hello Everyone!  I am sure you are waiting patiently to read news on the Rainy River just like we are waiting for it to start opening up and taking our daily trips to get pictures.  We hope everyone has had a safe and fun winter!  Keep checking back for updates on the River Conditions.  Lately we have had some nice weather than has melted some of the snow but there is still quite a bit of snow on the river in front of our place.

April 10th, 2013:
    Hey Everyone!  Sorry I didn't get time to post on here yesterday but Vidas Landing just past Clementson is open to big boats.  It opened up yesterday morning.  Yesterday morning we could see open water just around the bend by our house.  This morning it is a lot closer and hopefully by the end of the day it will be past us.  These are pictures taken off our front porch area.

April 7th, 2013:
    Vidas Landing is now open to pushing boats off the shore ice.  Here is what it looked like at 2:20 PM today.  Sounds like people are catching fish according to Grant's dad and a friend they saw other boats catching quite a few fish.
Vidas Landing:

April 6th, 2013:
    Hey everyone we had some problems with the internet today so I wasn't able to post these but these pictures and report are from the 6th I just don't want to confuse anyone thinking the date was wrong cause they weren't up yesterday.  We did get some snow this morning but it didn't stay around to long.  The River is now open 1.4 miles East of Vidas Landing.  Both accesses are open at Birchdale too!
1.4 miles east of Vidas Landing:

Frontier Landing:
 Birchdale Landing:

This morning:

April 5th, 2013:
    As of this afternoon Frontier is now open to big boats also.  From the road Grant figures the River is wide open 3 miles East of Vidas Landing but wasn't able to find where it ended.  There were some guys out ice fishing in front of Vidas.  We talked to a few groups already today and one said that morning was really good while another group didn't catch many for the few hours they were out there.
Frontier Landing:

All the boats in front of Frontier Landing:

Vidas Landing not open yet:

April 3rd, 2013:
    The Birchdale Landing is open to big boats!  Frontier still has some shore ice so boats are pushing off there.  The River is open about 4 miles West of Frontier so it hasn't moved much in the last few days.  The forecast is calling for some warmer temperatures!  Some groups seemed to have a good day yesterday while other groups weren't as lucky.  It was a cold and windy day for them yesterday!
Birchdale Landing:

Frontier Landing:

Spring Fishing has begun:

April 2nd, 2013:
    The Birchdale Landing was being cleaned out with equipment this morning and should be ready for big boats later today or tomorrow morning.  Frontier Landing still has some shore ice and they are pushing boats in.  When we arrived at Frontier there was a 17 foot Almuacraft that had been pushed across the ice.  The River is open 4 miles West of Frontier it is getting very close to the white church on the Canadian side.
Here is Birchdale:

Frontier Landing:
4 miles west of Frontier:

April 1st, 2013:
    We didn't go check the river yesterday because we spent time with family.  Today the river is open about 3.5 miles West of Frontier Landing.  They are pushing boats in at Froniter and Birchdale still.  We did talk to a county worker and he said there was someone coming from International Falls to clean out the Birchdale Landing but it would probably be a while on the Frontier Landing as there is still quite a bit of shore ice.  We will  know tomorrow if the landing was cleaned out for big boats.  Fishing this past weekend averaged about 50-60 fish a boat with some guys doing good and some doing not so good.  We heard of some slot fish, suckers, and sturgeon being caught.
Here is Birchdale Landing:

Frontier Landing:

Looking to the West at Frontier Landing:

The County worker plowing out the road and spots at Frontier:

March 30th, 2013:
    We went and took pictures of the River this morning around 10:30 AM and the temperature was around 35 degrees.  The River is open about 1 mile east of Frontier hoping to be able to push boats off at this landing tomorrow.  The shore ice at Birchdale is less than yesterday but still pretty thick by shore so it will probably be a few days until it gets open up for big boats.
Birchdale Landing:

Franz Jevne:

A mile east of Frontier looking to the west:

A mile east of Frontier looking to the West with all the boats fishing:

March 29th, 2013:
    I (Alyse) went and checked the River Conditions about 9:45AM and the car kept reading the temperature as 35 degrees which could be right as the one in our house is reading 38 degrees.  The river keeps opening up a few miles everyday.  It is open 4.3 miles West of Birchdale Landing and 3.6 miles East of Frontier Landing.  While I was driving yesterday I saw 2 bald eagles with a huge nest and never got a good picture so this morning I watched for them again and I was able to get one but there was only one eagle there.  Also when I stopped to take a picture of where the river ended for being open there were 7 deer on the ice and not even a mile west of the open water.  The deer were off the ice when I came back home they were being brave as the ice was yellowish color and looking like it would be gone in a few hours. I talked to the same guy as I did yesterday in Birchdale and he said that they did really good fishing yesterday and it doesn't sound like they were out all day either.
Here is 4.3 miles (between mile markers 151 and 152) West of Birchdale Landing this is looking to the East :
Here are the deer just to the west of the open water:
Birchdale Landing there isn't as much shore ice today:
Franz Jevne has less shore ice from yesterday:
The Bald Eagle and the nest from this morning this is just before the 150 mile marker when heading East:

March 28th, 2013:
    I (Alyse) headed East to check on the River Conditions and took pictures just before 10 AM and the temperature was around 27 degrees according to the car.  The River has opened up in front of Birchdale and to the west a little there is one frozen spot and then open water again.  There are weak spots west of Birchdale that you can see along Highway 11 on your way to Froniter.  I did talk to a local from Birchdale that had been out fishing and he said he did good last night which is a good thing to hear!
Here are two boats that were putting in when I first arrived at Birchdale Landing:

Here is to the east:

The frozen spot just to the west of Birchdale:

This is to the west of Birchdale:

Showing the shore ice at Franz Jevne with a boat that is going to go fishing later today:

March 27th, 2013:
    We went out about 10:45 AM to check on the River Conditions today.  The temperature is about 28 degrees.  We first stopped at Birchdale Landing and talked to some people that were up to open water fish and weren't able to get out yet so they were going to try ice fishing today and hopefully tomorrow be able to push the boat in the water.  Franz Jevne has about 50 yards of shore ice yet but there is open water and the rapids to the west of there are open.  Grant figures by this weekend you will be able to push a boat out at Franz Jevne and Birchdale Landing.
These two pictures are taken at the top of the Birchdale Landing there is water in sight:

These pictures were taken in front of Franz Jevne:
This one is showing the shore ice and that a boat is patiently waiting for it to open up (taken to the east)

This is pretty much straight in front of Franz Jevne of a duck flying by

This is of the rapids to the west

March 25th, 2013:
    We went and checked the River Conditions and we have some good news it opened up almost 2.7 miles since Friday!  That means its getting closer to Birchdale Landing!  It is almost 5 miles East of Birchdale!  We took the pictures around noon and the temperature was 29 degrees and the 10 day forecast looks like warm weather is here to stay with highs in the 30s and 40s!  This is good news for everyone Spring has finally decided to come.  Grant thinks you will be able to push boats down at Franz Jevne State Park this weekend.

Here is a picture infront of Franz Jevne State Park:

Here are pictures of every direction 5 miles East of the Birchdale Landing: (we do have a high zoom on the camera for the first picture here)

March 22nd, 2013:
    We went and checked the River Conditions again and we hate to say it but it is still the exact same as the last time we went.  It is open 7.7 miles east of Birchdale Landing and it is still froze up looking to the west.  It was 21 degrees when we took the pictures today and the forecast is looking like we are going to have highs in the 30s for the at least the next 10 days!
Looking to the East:

Looking Straight:

Looking to the West:

March 19th, 2013:
    The last few days we have gotten phone calls asking if the river really was open at 5 miles east of Birchdale as they had heard it was open that far on Saturday.  We also saw this posted on many forums.  We decided to venture out on this blustery day and see if it was open.  I have some bad news, as much snow as there is on the ice 5 miles east of Birchdale we believe it was never open there.  Also where Grant took pictures last Thursday it was froze up to the west now. 

By road from the Birchdale Landing this is what it looked like at 5 miles:

This is how much snow we walked through to get this the above picture:

Here is the spot where the river was open Thursday March 14th about 7.7 miles of the Birchdale Landing looking to the east:

This one is looking to the west where it froze up:

March 14th, 2013:  
    Grant went to take some pictures of the river around Noon today.  The river is now open 7.7 miles East of the Birchdale Landing.  It opened almost a mile in 3 days let's hope for some nice warm weather!
These two pictures were taken in front of Franz Jevne State Park:

These two pictures were taken about 7.7 miles east of the Birchdale Landing:
This one is looking East...If you can see the little specks of black near the snow/water line those are ducks.

This picture is looking to the west

March 11th, 2013:
    We went to International Falls today and decided it was about that time to start checking on the river conditions.  We had heard it was open to Indus but never saw pictures or ventured out to check.  From what we could see from the road the river is open 8.5 miles east of the Birchdale Landing.     
     Here is a picture we took which is about 11 miles east of the Birchdale Landing it was the only open spot where we could get a good picture of the river:

March 20th, 2012: 
    Sorry for the late update on the Rainy River.  We have been busy finishing up the last of the cleaning of all the rooms.  We can't wait for the busy weekends to come.  Here are some pictures. Here is a picture of Vidas Access in Clementson from this morning.  The water is open.

Here is what it looked like in front of our house this morning.  The ice breaking up was making so much noise and you could see it moving a little.

After a few hours this was our view and then before you knew it you couldn't see any ice when looking at the river both ways. 

March 19th, 2012: 
    Froniter is now open as of early this morning.  If we have time before dark we plan to go check the access at Clementson and see if its starting or open there yet.  Check back later for updates on that.

March 18th, 2012:
    The top pictures are of the Nelson Landing in Birchdale.  One ramp is open as you can see in the first picture.  The second picture is to show you that they are backing boats down the ramp. This picture is of our dog Leo we had him go sit out on the ice to help show how much there was left at the Frontier Landing. We are guessing there is about 15 feet of ice off the ramp. Also the river is open about 2 miles east of the Frontier Landing. 

March 17th, 2012:
 The top two pictures were taken this morning about 10:00 at the landing in birchdale.  The third picture was taken around the same time 4.2 miles west of birchdale.   The end of the open water on the rainy is 5.2 miles west of birchdale.  It is going quick and the weather is sunny and warm, the high for taday up here is 74f.    

March 16th, 2012:
The Rainy river is now open at the Birchdale landing.  There is about 25 yards of shore ice when i was there this morning but by the end of today most of that should be gone.  They were getting ready to push boats out when i was there. This picture was taken today at 9:30 am at the Nelson Landing in Birchdale. 

March 15th, 2012:
    The Rainy River is open one mile east of Birchdale.  They are pushing boats off the ice into the open water.  The ice is out 30 yards from shore.  Will be checking it again tomorrow morning.  We have been having nice weather and hope that it helps speed up the river.

March 12th, 2012:
   Many of the resorts are pulling off their houses due to the rain and the conditions out there.  There is only one fish house that we can see from the Royal Dutchman so hopefully that means the Rainy River will be opening up soon.      
    We would like to thank everyone that has helped us and those who have stayed and have been so understanding through this process.  We couldn't ask for any better as we start our adventure.
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