Rainy RiverFishing Report

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April 2nd, 2019:
Sounds like jigging for walleyes has been tough and that some people are having good luck pulling crank baits against the current.  We have heard of a few sturgeon being caught.  The water clarity is still normal and our guests did say they have not seen any muddy water.  Let's hope with these cold temps that the forks don't break loose until the end of the catch and release season for walleye.

April 1st, 2019:
On Saturday some groups said fishing was slow and other groups caught 75-80 fish for 2 people.  We have heard of a few nice mid to upper 20 inch fish being caught.  Sunday we just had a few groups that fished and said it was tough.  It seemed to be better when the sun was shining and later in the evening.

November 8, 2018:

Fishing this past weekend was on the slow side but still averaging 35 fish a day. We also had some hunters that had good luck. We pulled the rental boat as the weather has turned to winter. We now have snow on the ground and it has been snowing on and off all day.

November 1st, 2018:
This past week has been great for walleye fishing. The water cleared up, walleyes were biting, and some nice slot fish were caught. Most days boaters were averaging close 100 or more fish a day.

October 12-14, 2018:
  Friday was nice again with the sun shining but fishing was still slow. It seemed the further east people went the current was faster and the water was dirty. One guy managed to get a 30 inch walleye near Birchdale. Saturday fishing was still slower. On Sunday one group tried the river near us and then headed closer to the lake and ended up catching 16 fish for part of a day. We did get some snow last night but it should be gone soon. The forecast looks like it is going to warm up with it being close to 69 degrees on Thursday.

October 5-11th, 2018:
  The weekend and early in the week fishing was pretty good with some boats getting 50-60 fish a day. On Wednesday we had some nasty weather with rain, snow and wind. Most groups didn’t try fishing but were eager to get back out on Thursday. We did hear of some slot fish being caught this week on the river.

October 3rd, 2018:
  It was a very windy, rainy, and we even saw some snowflakes throughout the day.  This crazy weather did not stop people from getting out on the river to try and get some fish.  We didn't have a chance to talk to anyone that fished but will keep posting reports as we get them.

October 2nd, 2018: 
  Sounds like the morning bit was slow for most groups but in the afternoon the fishing did pick up.  Groups had their limits in a few hours once the fish were biting and even caught some nice slot fish.

October 1st, 2018:
  This past weekend we had quite a few people fishing sturgeon. They seemed to do very well with 5 being keepers and the biggest we heard was 60-1/2" long. One group tried for walleyes earlier in the weekend and good luck.
  We talked to a few groups tonight and one group mentioned it was a little slow for them. Another group of 3 said they did really good. Grant went out right before dark for 30 minutes and didn't have any luck. The weather today was gorgeous especially after a cold and windy weekend.

April 28th, 2018:
  Looks like a beautiful day on the river.  Some groups did good yesterday and some groups didn't catch a sturgeon.  Hopefully with the sun and the wind not blowing like crazy it will make the conditions better out there.  A friend of ours did catch a 61 inch sturgeon just east of our place.

April 22, 2018:
  Most groups had a good weekend of fishing sturgeon.  We heard of many being caught in the high 50's and low 60's for size.  Sounds like groups caught anywhere from 3-12 sturgeon a day.  They did say that the walleyes or some other fish were stealing their worms and would end up bait less.

April 11, 2018:  
  Yesterday fishing seemed to better for most groups with one group catching 50 fish for the day.  We talked to a few people tonight and it sounds like fishing was pretty good again.  The weather was sunny and so nice which was a huge change from a few days ago.

April 7, 2018:
   The few groups I talked to said fishing was slow. One group had some bites and caught a sturgeon just shy of 60 inches and took about an hour and half to get in. Another group caught 3 big slot fish ranging from 26 inches to around that 28 inch mark. We heard of another sturgeon close to 55 inches being caught.

April 4, 2018:
  Last night some guests stopped in and said that fishing was a bit slower and the walleyes were picky. One group did catch a 26” and a 27” in the evening before dark. They said that morning was slowest.

March 30, 2018:
  This morning was very cold with temperatures ranging from -1 to 1 degrees.  Most groups didn't get out fishing until after 10 am when it warmed up a little bit.  One group that fished for a few hours caught their limit, caught some in the mid 20's with the biggest fish being a 28!

March 29, 2018:
  Fishing was tough in the morning but seemed to pick up for most groups after 1 pm.  Today was very windy but did not stop people from fishing.  One group said they caught about 30 fish for half day of fishing with many in the low 20's for size.  We did hear some groups were catching bigger fish up by the ice pack. 

March 28, 2018:
  We had some mix reviews today from groups.  Most groups had a great day.  A group of 5 brought in their limit and said most of the fish they caught here 18"-19" and no slot fish.  Another group that left today said it was a good day and managed to get a slot fish that was in the high 20's.  Some others had a tougher time catching some fish.

March 27, 2018:
  Some groups did good fishing today with a few slot fish in the lower 20s caught.  Another group only caught 6 for the day.  Sounds like the weather might of slowed things down a bit for some people.

January 26, 2018:
  The ice fishing season started off very good in the beginning, then slowed down for some people groups, and picked up again.  Most groups have told us that they are catching some nice keepers for their stay.  We have seen some pictures of slot walleyes being caught and some big sturgeon coming thru the ice.  Remember there is still time to get a room for your ice fishing trip.  Or start thinking about your spring trip and book now for the dates you want.

October 14, 2017:
   We were able to sneak away and try fishing on the lake for a few hours this evening with my (Alyse’s) parents. It was pretty cold, windy, and wavy but we ended up keeping 14 fish in about 2 hours. We talked to one group this evening that ended up having a good day on the river. The river seems to be hit and miss the past few days. Hope everyone is having fun with fall fishing!

October 13th, 2017:
   Most groups said that fishing was slow on the river during the morning. The evening bite was better. There were some in the mid-20s and the biggest we heard was close to 29 inches. The slow fish being caught have seemed to have quite a bit of girth to them.

October 12th, 2017:
   A group did fairly good down by Vidas today and caught quite a few in the slot. The biggest was around 26 inches. Other groups did report that it was a bit slower on the river.

October 9th, 2017:
  We have a few groups that fished today and some had better luck than others.  We have heard of some walleyes in the mid-20s.  Fishing was very good this weekend with most groups bringing in their limits.  Saturday morning was the best according to the groups we talked with.

October 2nd, 2017:
   We have a group that fished the river today and caught 30 fish and had nice ones to eat for supper. The biggest one caught was over 19 inches. They fished for about 4 hours after the rain stopped.  We have heard good reports from many people fishing on the lake.

September 21st, 2017:
   This weekend the weather is calling for rain all weekend but that is not stopping the groups from coming to try and catch that huge sturgeon. Don't forget to book your stay for sturgeon the keep season is open they September 30th and then it goes back to catch and release. We also have some spots open in October if you are looking to Walleye fish on the river.

September 17-19th, 2017:
   We had a group that came up to try their luck with catching walleyes. They caught a few on the river but wasn't quite like it is in October they said. They still had fun and caught enough to have a nice meal.

September 14-16th, 2017:
   The sturgeon bite was slow this weekend. There were still some in the mid 40s, high 50s, and one big one that got away at the boat. One group did catch one to keep and take home.

September 7th, 2017:
   We are sorry that we have fallen behind on updates. We have spent the summer making some improvements to the buildings. You may notice that the front deck on the office is repainted, we repainted the entire building and trim on the one closest to the house, and put new siding up on one side of another building. Can't believe summer is coming to an end but we are excited for Fall fishing!

   We had a group in mid-August that was here sturgeon fishing and ended up catching all different sizes and took 4 home for 6 guys. We have a group of 5 guys that has been here since September 2 and have caught some sturgeon with biggest being in the low 50s. They have also caught one to keep and did say they have caught some nice walleyes in the 16-17 inch range with a lot of smaller ones.

Open Spring Sturgeon Season:
  We had many groups come up during the early sturgeon season.  Most groups had good luck with many in the mid-50s to low-60s being caught.  We had a few groups that also caught some to keep and take home.  Overall the early sturgeon season did seem a little slower than normal but there were quite a few big ones caught.

April 13th, 2017:
Walleye fishing was starting to get a little better today.  Nothing like good walleye fishing for a few days before the season closes.

April 11th, 2017:
   Most groups we talked to today said that fishing was great and they think each day will get better. We heard of more slot fish being caught in the river with the biggest being 29.5 inches.

April 10th, 2017:
   We talked to a group of 3 that fished the Canadian side and caught around 70 fish for the day. This same group had caught two 28 inch walleyes at the same time. They said fishing was great for them and the clarity seemed to be improving.

April 8th, 2017:
   Today, seemed to be a better day for almost all the groups. We heard people were starting to catch them better by the Frontier area. There were not large numbers caught but enough to keep people entertained compared to earlier in the week. We heard of a 25 inch Walleye caught near Frontier, a 24.5 inch Walleye caught in front of our place on he Canadian side. We also heard of a lot of sturgeon being caught all the way from the gap to Frontier. We saw a few sturgeon get landed in front of the house also.

April 7th, 2017:
    Most groups had a tough day of fishing as the water was still dirty. Some groups tried the lake and Pelland with a few caught here and there. One group fished near Frontier with some luck while others had no luck. We had some friends that fished the Canadian side at Birchdale for about 2 1/2 hours caught around 12 fish.

April 6th, 2017:
   A few groups headed to Pelland to the Kuttes Landing. One group had good luck in the morning and then said the bite stopped in the afternoon. A different group that also went there said they a tough day all day and did not catch many fish.

April 4th, 2017:
   Today there was more debris coming down the river for a few hours and now at the dock this afternoon the water is the chocolate milk color. We believe the forks and other tributaries have now broke open due to all the debris. We talked to some groups that did very well on the lake with one saying they caught 57 fish with quite a few smaller ones. The other group said they caught a lot of small ones but ended up catching some nice ones to keep. Other groups caught around 12 fish for the day so it seems to be hit and miss. Everyone we have talked to was fishing out by or on the lake today. We hope with the consistent weather that the river will clear up soon.

April 3rd, 2017:
   Yesterday there was quite a bit of debris coming down the river for a few hours which stirred the river up even more. We talked to a group of 4 that caught 45 fish out by the lake. We also talked to a group of 3 guys that fished for 6 hours between Vidas and Frontier and never caught a fish.

March 28th, 2017:
   Some groups caught anywhere from 25-35 walleye for the day and other groups caught around 50 or so and the biggest one we heard was 25 inches with some in the lowers 20s for size. Sounds like the Vidas area had slowed down today but still sounds like everyone enjoyed the weather and fishing. We have heard reports that they are also catching sturgeon even when not trying for them. Hoping with the weather staying consistent that the bigger walleyes will be in the river in no time. One person did tell us they saw a water temperature of 37 degrees. Most groups felt they were mainly catching just river walleyes and non from the lake yet.

March 27th, 2017:
   Today was a big turnover day and we did not have many groups fishing. The one group that did fish said they did really good for the day and did not mention how many they caught for 3 people.

March 26th, 2017:
   We talked to a group that fished till the mid-morning and they said it was really good to start and then slowed down for them. The biggest walleye we heard was 28 inches for the day. Grant got the rental boat in and tried fishing for about an hour or so and did not have very good luck. Grant talked to a buddy on the river and they were not having very good luck.

March 24th, 2017:  
    Corey's group caught about 35 fish for 3 of them with the biggest being about 25 inches.  Other groups said they did good and caught quite a few in the low 20s for size.  Another group of 2 guys said they caught around 60 fish for the entire day and had multiple 27 inch walleyes.  It did sound like being around Vidas was better than the Birchdale area from guys we have talked to.    

March 23rd, 2017:
   Quite a few groups came in today to start their spring fishing adventures!  We had one group of 3 guys that fished for 4 hours and they ended up catching 24 fish.  We did not get a chance to talk to the other group that was out fishing today for a few hours also. 

October 23rd, 2016:

The last few days have been pretty slow for most of the groups. A lot of small fish between that 10-12 inch range and with the occasional slot fish. One group said they caught one that was 27 inches another group had one that was 26 inches and then some in the mid-20s. Today we talked to one group that ended up keeping 7 and said that it was a little bit better than yesterday. Another group we talked to had kept 4 today and said they had to work to get their fish. Tomorrow and the next day looks like nice weather so hopefully that will turn the fishing around. 

October 19th, 2016:

  One group fished this morning and then came in around lunch and said that up by Clementson they tried fishing and it was still pretty slow and were mainly catching little walleyes. 
  We did fall behind on the fishing report because on Thursday, October 13th we found out that we had a main water line break causing us to have to shut off all the water on the river side.  On Friday we had the plumber come out and try to fix the break but he ended up at least 4 feet under the cement slab in a kitchenette bathroom and still no sign of the water line.  He knew there was a break cause every time we turned the water on the hole filled up with water.  It was decided then the best option was to put in a new water line which would not start until Monday.  We were able to run a hose from our house to the basic rooms so they still had water but unfortunately the kitchenettes were without water.  On Monday a group of great guys fit us into their schedule to get a new water line dug and we were hoping to tie into the existing water line for the basic rooms but could not find that line.  We also ran new pex water lines thru all the kitchenette rooms to supply water to them (which you will be able to see on the riverside wall).  On Tuesday, the guys came back out and dug and put in the next part of the water line.  The plumber came back and hooked up most of the lines and put t's in each room to get water to them.  On Wednesday, the plumber finished tying in the t's so we could have water again and finished hooking up the new water line to the building with basic rooms.  Let's just say it has been a stressful week and we would like to say thank you to all the customers for understanding the situation and still having fun.  We would also like to thank everyone involved in getting us water as soon as they could before we got into the busy weekend.

October 18th, 2016:
   I talked to a group tonight when they checked out that had been here since Saturday afternoon. This is what a group of 3 guys told me: "On Saturday (Oct. 15th) for half a day of fishing we caught 60 walleyes/saugers with the biggest one being 28 1/2 inches, Sunday (Oct.16th) we caught 100 walleyes/saugers all over 10 inches, on Monday (Oct. 17th) we caught 62 walleyes/saugers, and on Tuesday (Oct.18th) we caught 40 walleyes/saugers."
  Other groups I talked today said that fishing was quite a bit slower than the previous days.

October 17th, 2016:
   For the past week fishing has been great with a few slot fish. The biggest we have heard of was a few 25 inch walleyes until today when one group caught a nice 28 1/2 inch walleye that was pretty fat they said. Today, was a little slower than what it had been but one group stayed and fished till dark and said that those last 30 minutes of daylight was the best time. Most of our groups are fishing near Vidas and Frontier Landings. I did talk to guy from Baudette and he said that the Morris Point Gap has been good in the evenings and they got their limit in just a few hours.

October 10th, 2016:
  A group of 6 had been out fishing and said they were still having good luck and tried heading east today instead.  They did say that fishing was a little slower than normal but they managed to get enough nice ones to eat.  They also have caught a few sturgeons between today and the last few days. 
  The group of 2 ended up fishing just North of Pine by the border this morning and said that they caught fish but it wasn't the greatest.  They tried by Frontier for the afternoon bite and said that they caught some fish but it was not what it normally is when they are here.  The biggest walleye they have caught so far is 24 inches.

October 9th, 2016:
   We had a group that went out walleye fishing for the morning and evening and they had very good luck for the day.  They ended up with their limits and I was able to see the bucket of fish they brought in the morning and they looked like the perfect eating size.  Another group of 2 that checked in today said they did not have very good luck and ended up catching 6 walleyes for the half day of fishing.

October 8th, 2016:
  Today we had a group of 3 guys fishing for Sturgeon and they caught 9 of them with the biggest being 70 inches and had a 27 and half inch girth!  I (Alyse) can't even imagine catching one that big I had a hard time reeling in that was in the mid-50s a few years ago.  A group that fished only today ended up with 15 sturgeon and said that it was pretty good fishing today.  We had a group that was fishing for walleyes start today and they ended up having very good luck and caught their limits.

October 7th, 2016:
   We had group of 5 guys out fishing for the day for sturgeon and they ended up catching 20 of them with the biggest being around 62 and half inches.  Another group of 6 guys with most of them being their first time sturgeon fishing said they caught quite a few with many of them in the mid-50s.  They had a blast and said they will definitely be back to fish for them.

October 6th, 2016:
  We had a few groups that checked in today and were targeting Sturgeon.  A group of 3 guys caught 8 Sturgeon in the 4 hours they were out fishing.  They didn't say anything about any big ones.  Sounds like fishing was a little tough in the morning but got better in the afternoon for Sturgeon.  

October 5th, 2016:
   We had a group of 2 guys that checked in after a day of fishing on the river for Sturgeon and they ended up catching 8 for the time they were out.  They did say that they caught quite a few small ones.  A group that fished the last few days dispute the crazy wind we had said that walleye fishing was a little slower.

October 2nd, 2016:
   Talked to a group that fished the river this morning and evening and they said it was a little slower but still caught some walleyes. They ended up with 3 nice walleyes in the bucket for dinner. They have been fishing close to our place and were thinking of trying some new spots tomorrow.

October 1st, 2016:
   The same group went out to the lake again and fished for walleyes. It seems like they had a good day but did not hear of any big ones being caught.
Another group fished the river and caught a few big sturgeon and quite a few walleyes in the morning. During the morning outing they had many walleyes that were 18-19 inches. They went out again in the evening and it sounded to be a little slower.

September 30th, 2016:
   We had a group fish the river and ended up with a few sturgeon and couple of walleyes. They still had fun even though they did not catch a ton of fish. We had another group go to the lake and try for walleyes. They ended up catching quite a few and had pretty close to their limit.

September 18th, 2016:
  We had a couple leave today that said they caught a few sturgeon this weekend. They did try for some walleyes too and did not have any luck last night.  Since everyone headed home today, Grant and I decided to go for a drive and look for grouse. We only saw one grouse and Grant missed it. We talked to another group that was hunting and they said they had gotten one for the whole day.

September 17th, 2016:
  We talked to a group of four guys that had been here since Thursday and they said that they didn't catch a lot of sturgeon but they did catch quite a few species and had a lot of fun.
Grant and I (Alyse) were able to get out this evening and try for some walleye as we have heard that the shiners have started to come in the river. Grant caught one sauger and missed one while I never had a bite. We hope to get out again later this week and try the evening bite again.

September 16th, 2016:
  We had a group of 6 guys from Wisconsin that just headed home after spending 6 and half days of fishing. They ended up with 4 sturgeon to take home, enough walleye and a sauger for a meal, and said they never caught a bass which was unusual. The biggest sturgeon was 59 1/2 inches. They said that first few days were slower and the other days they would have a couple of sturgeon on at a time. They had a great time and the weather was only rainy for one morning for them so they were happy to spend most of the time fishing.
We had another group of 3 guys that were here since Tuesday and they ended up with one sturgeon to keep. They said they had pretty good luck this year and caught quite a few sturgeon.

September 8th, 2016:
  We have a few groups out sturgeon fishing and sounds like they are catching a few each day. The one group said they have quite a few over the 50inch mark and are hoping to catch at least one to take home with them. We did get some more rain last night and the river is up a bit from what it was a week or so ago.

August 3rd, 2016:
  For those of you wondering we did get 4 inches of rain Monday night into Tuesday morning at our place and in town most people had about 2 inches. Looks like the rain didn't affect the sturgeon bite on the river, a group of 2 guys spent most of the day sturgeon fishing yesterday. They ended up catching a total of 4! The biggest one was 56 inches.
  Just talked to a group of 5 tonight and they have been here since Saturday afternoon and have caught 3 slot sturgeon to keep. They said it was a little slow and the ones they have been catching are either to small or right in the slot. They have managed to catch a few over the slot limit also. They have also caught some other species while trying for their sturgeon to keep.

July 27th, 2016:
  We had a few groups trying for sturgeon this past weekend and last few days. One group caught 3 smaller ones and lost 3 sturgeon but ended up catching some walleyes too. The other group ended up catching a few keepers which were 46 inches and 49.5 inches and some smaller ones. Both groups said they did not catch many sturgeon per day but they still had fun

April 27th, 2016:
  We have had quite a few cool and windy days. The groups we have that are sturgeon fishing got a few yesterday and sounds like today was slower. The current seems to be stronger than it was this weekend and one group said they can still get by with 4oz. of weight. Looks like the weekend it should start warming up.

April 22nd, 2016:
  Talked to some groups that left yesterday and sounds like the few groups we had caught about 12 a day with most of them in be mid to high 50s. This biggest we heard of 63 inches. A few guys that fished yesterday evening ended up with 2 for the few hours they were out. Catch and release for sturgeon for the next few days and the Keep season starts on Sunday, April 24th

April 15th, 2016:
  Dave caught a 55 1/2 inch sturgeon. Sounds like the sturgeon bite was slow for most of the fishermen. We did watch a boat catch a few in front of the docks.
  We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful spring walleye season! We can't wait to hear the stories of sturgeon now.

April 12th, 2016:
  Fishing report from Harley's group, "Spent most of the day around Vidas again. Caught somewhere between 35 and 40 walleyes and a couple sturgeon. Biggest sturgeon was 56" and the biggest walleye was 27 1/2."  Another group said they never caught a fish, another group said they got 9 of them by Hattie's hole, and another group caught about 20 mainly in the low to mid 20inch range.

April 11th, 2016:
  Fishing report from Harley's group, "Fought the wind today up by Vidas.  Pretty slow caught about a dozen or so and one sturgeon Biggest fish was 25 1/4."

April 10th, 2016:
  Talked to a few groups that fished this weekend and sounds like it was pretty slow for most of the groups.  One group that has been coming up for years that fished by Vidas said this was the clearest the water has ever been when they were up during the Spring.  Groups fished all the way from the International bridge to Birchdale and it doesn't sound like one spot was better than the others.

April 8th, 2016:
  Talked to a group that left this morning and had fished the past 2 days over by Birchdale.  They said they caught about 30 fish each day, the water clarity was about 15-18 inches, and they had a water temperature of 37 degrees yesterday.  They did not mention any big ones but sounds like the bite is starting to pick up in some spots.  They did say that you couldn't be aggressive with jigging and had to be very slow for them to bite.

April 6th, 2016:
   Talked to a guy that fished over by Birchdale today and he said the water clarity was about 12-13 inches and was a lot better than in front of our place.  He fished for a few hours and caught 3 fish all weighing between 5-7.8 pounds.  Other groups said the fishing was very slow and some guys in the groups never even caught a fish.

April 5th, 2016:
   The last couple of days have been slow for all our groups.  We did hear of a few in the mid 20s being caught but sounds like most boats averaged about 5-10 fish a day.  The water clarity according to a few different groups is between 12-15 inches.  We did get some snow this evening.  

April 3rd, 2016:  
   Most of groups headed home today and we got a few new ones that checked in.  We talked to one group that caught a walleye up by the International bridge and then they tried by the Rapids and lost one.  They said they had a water temperature of 34 degrees.  Talked to another group that fished today and they caught one walleye for the day and they were fishing to the East.  They plan on trying out by the gap tomorrow.  We had a few snow flurries here today that didn't amount to anything.  Let's hope for some warmer weather!

April 2nd, 2016:
  We woke up to some snow this morning and most groups were slow to get out fishing as it was cold and very windy again.  The water temperature went down to 35 degrees a group told us.  We heard of a few sturgeon being caught and one group had caught 3 walleyes for the day.  No one had told us they thought the river was dirty.

April 1st, 2016:
  Today was windy but that didn't stop the groups from going out fishing.  We talked to a few groups and it sounded like fishing was pretty slow.  One group had only caught 1 walleye and another group had 10 walleyes for the day.  Sounded like heading east was better than out by the gap.

March 31st, 2016:
  There was one group that tried by Frontier and all over that area and ended up only catching one walleye.  They said the water temp was 38 degrees.  Another group headed to the gap and said it was still slow today and caught 5 for the day.  Another group reported 17 walleyes they caught near Frontier.

March 30th, 2016:
I did not get any fishing reports.  A lot of times we get reports when groups check out and that is when I update the reports.

March 29th, 2016:
The few groups we had in fishing did a lot better today and boated about 15-20 fish for the day and no big ones. They were pretty excited to finally get a fish. One boat watched another group catch quite a few that were in the slot. Water temperature was about 37 degrees and the clarity was still the same. I had to run to International Falls and the Big Fork was froze shore to shore for as far as I could see from Highway 11. The Little Fork was open with some ice by the Rainy River from what I could tell off of Highway 11.

March 28th, 2016:
Walleye fishing was very slow for the few groups we had out fishing. Water temperature was 35 degrees one groups said and clarity was the same (15 inches or so).

March 27th, 2016:
We have talked to one group that just got in about 7:00 pm that fished by Birchdale and Frontier and said that fishing was slow for them. They also said they could see about 15 inches down so the water clarity is getting a little better. This same group said one boat they talked to was fishing in Canada and ended up catching 11 walleyes for the day. A different group went and fished up by the dam and ended up with their limit and caught some northern and bass.

March 26th, 2016:
We didn't hear of any walleyes being caught and that sturgeon fishing become very slow in the afternoon. Some people said the water clarity was getting better by Birchdale.

March 24th, 2016:
We had a group that went fishing up by Pelland today and they ended up with their limits. All the fish they caught were under 20 inches and no big ones. Some group tried for walleyes in this area and didn't have any luck. We had lots of reports of sturgeons being caught today out by the main lake.

March 23rd, 2016:
    Talked to a few different groups today that were out fishing and 2 of the groups didn't have any luck and talked about trying up by Pelland tomorrow.  Water is still dirty and they are still getting debris on their hooks.  Another group of six said they fished to the east and caught their limit for the day and had a fish fry tonight.  They said that they had to troll slow and could only catch the walleye on artificial bait.

March 22nd, 2016:
    We didn't have any group fishing for walleye the last few days so we never had a report. One group went out for walleyes this evening and said that they could see their lure about 6 inches down, saying the river is dirty and kept getting debris on their hook. They never caught a walleye. We had a few groups that were up sturgeon fishing and sounds like they are biting. Might be wise to bring some sturgeon gear with if the walleye bite is slow. This is all we know at the moment

March 18th, 2016:
   The water clarity was anywhere between 3-6 inches groups said.  Few groups have said fishing is tough and didn't get a walleye all day. One group that fished all day caught 10 walleyes.

March 16th, 2016:
    We had one group that fished in the snow and they caught 3 walleyes and the biggest was 23.5 and they said all the other boats around them did about the same.  It sounds like it was a slow day but they still had some fun.  They did not say anything about the rain or snow affecting the water clarity.

March 14th, 2016: 
   Birchdale Landing is open to all boats and since today was in the low 60s, Grant and I, decided to take advantage of the one day we could both go fishing for a few hours.  We were out just a little over 2 hours and had our limit in about an hour.  We caught 9 walleyes total:  we kept 4 walleyes about 15 inches, let 3 keepers go, Grant caught a 21 inch walleye that was released,  I caught a 23 inch walleye that was released, and I also caught a 20 inch northern.  For the few hours we were out there we saw some other people from Baudette catch some nice walleyes in the mid to higher- 20s.  Yesterday, we had a group that went out of Graceton Beach ice fishing and they said they had a slower day but caught a nice 27 1/2 inch walleye that made up for the bite.

December 28th, 2015:
   We had a friend fishing in 23 feet of water today and said there was 10 inches of ice.  They mainly caught saugers but that he got a look at one nice walleye he had hooked that came off.  He told me it looked like it would of been on for the wall.

December 27th, 2015:
   Morris Point is allowing ATV and snowmobiles out and it sounds like most resorts have started to pull out their fish houses.  We had a friend that went fishing yesterday and the group had their limit in 3 hours!  Sounds like fishing is starting off better than making ice did!

November 15th, 2015:
  We had a group that left today that was fishing mainly by the Frontier area and the white church.  They caught a few slot fish but it sounded like the biggest was in the mid 20s.  They did say that fishing still a little slow.  My dad and a friend went fishing out on the lake today in about 26 feet of water.  They ended up catching a 25 inch walleye that was very fat and he said that fishing wasn't fast but they caught some nice fish. 

November 14th, 2015:
  Grant ended up getting a 6 pointer late this morning and Ward who owns land close to where Grant's family hunts shot a 8 pointer.  The weather was nice and glad that he was able to hunt and get a deer this year.

November 8th, 2015:
  We had one group that was out fishing while the rest of the groups were spending the weekend deer hunting.  The group fishing tried the river on Saturday and caught a few walleyes but nothing big.  They headed to the lake today and were hoping to catch more walleyes but I never did hear if it was better than the River.  The groups that were hunting over the weekend ended up with some deer to take home.  Grant was out hunting and saw a spike on opening morning but no one in their hunting camp had shot anything.

October 24th, 2015:
  We talked to a group of 11 guys that were fishing since Wednesday and they said that fishing on Friday in the rain was their best day!  The youngest one in the group caught a 28 inch walleye right at dark tonight.  They even were able to have a fish fry at least once that I know of and they went home with 42 fish!  A different group we talked to tonight also said they had good luck fishing in the rain on Friday and they lost a big walleye over the weekend.  This same group told us that they had a water temperature of 48 degrees over the weekend.

October 23rd, 2015:
   We talked to a few different groups last night and they said fishing was best in the morning and evening and slow during the afternoon. One group caught a 26 inch walleye and a few in the lower 20s. Hopefully that means walleye fishing is picking up on the river. I has rained on and off all day today but that didn't stop the groups from fishing. If we hear how they did we will make sure and post it.

October 18th, 2015:
    We talked to a few different groups tonight and sounds like fishing was slow for all of them. Some groups still came in with 5-7 fish mainly saugers but they worked all day to get those. One group caught the biggest rock bass they have ever caught today. A few groups said the water temperature was at 48 degrees for them. Hope the fishing picks up for everyone.

October 15th, 2015:
    It was windy today but most groups still went out and fished most of the day. Still sounds like a lot of saugers near us and towards town. One group was up by Frontier Landing and they said they caught some walleyes and saugers but it was slow still.

October 13th, 2015:
    Almost all the groups said the only thing they could catch on the river were a lot of saugers in the 13-15 inch range. Just a few walleyes were caught but nothing big yet. We have been watching the seagulls on the river in front of our place eating shiners.

October 12th, 2015:
     Yesterday was a beautiful day with the temps in the mid to high 80s! Grant and I went on one last motorcycle ride for the the season while everyone was fishing. We did talk to some groups this morning that said fishing could be good but the catching was slow. I love this saying! Today the weather is cooler and has been raining on and off most of the day but some groups still got out there this morning and fished before the wind picked up. If we hear how they did in the blustery and rainy weather we will be sure to let you know. As of 4:00pm the temperature is 45 degrees with the winds NNW at 30mph.

October 9th and 10th, 2015:
   Fishing was slow on the river but some groups had some luck on the lake but still did mention it was slower. Saturday was a beautiful day for everyone out fishing.  It felt like summer time again too bad the fishing was slow though.  Brock caught some nice walleyes on the river and lake and sent us some pictures.

October 8th, 2015:
   We have talked to a few different groups that have been fishing on the river and they said it has been very slow. One group was going to head out on the lake this afternoon and we haven't talked to them since they got back in to see how they did. Looks like we will have some nice weather this weekend and we hope the walleyes will start biting in the river.

October 2nd, 2015:
  I talked to a few groups today and sounds like sturgeon and walleye fishing on the river were a little slow.  I talked to one group that headed out to the lake by Pine Island in 20 feet and then they went a little deeper and caught some nice walleyes.  They are planning on a fish fry tonight.  A couple said they caught a 25 inch walleye yesterday on the lake and fished there again today,  they did say that yesterday was better on the lake.  It was very cool and windy all day and the guys on the river said the water temperature was about 60.1 degrees last night and around 58 degrees this morning.  Hopefully the walleye bite in the River will be good soon. 

September 25th, 2015:
  We had a few groups up Sturgeon fishing and one of the groups went home with two keepers.  Also sounds like walleye fishing has been good out by Pine Island.  Can't believe that October and fall walleye season is about to start.  Time goes by way to fast but we are excited to see everyone again and meet new people.  Our friend, Bruce from Iowa took some of his friends sturgeon fishing sent me this today, "Total day and a half, 36, 38, 47, 64, 54, 36, plus lost two at the landing net.  Good fishing so it was."

September 23rd, 2015:
  I talked to a guy from Baudette that has been out fishing and scoping out spots for the walleye tournament out of Rainy River, Ontario that is this weekend.  He said he has been picking up some walleyes and that so far this week the mornings have been the best.

September 20th, 2015:  
  This past weekend we had a few groups that were out sturgeon fishing.  One group did pretty good and ended up with one to keep and their biggest was in the high 50s.  The other groups didn't have very good luck and were fishing over by Frontier area.  It sounds like by Vidas Landing and towards us was a lot better for catching sturgeon.

September 14th, 2015:
   The sturgeon group from Wisconsin is here again!  They caught one to keep on Saturday and they caught 3 to keep today!!  They have had some good luck and were out most of the day today because they kept catching them.  They said they were going to try 15 feet of water for 15 mins they ended up with a keeper and a 58 inch sturgeon!  Good thing they stopped there.  They said they have been having good luck and were going to try again tonight.  I didn't talk to them again tonight as it was dark and they were still out fishing.  Grant is hoping to go with them on Wednesday and hopefully get a keeper to smoke.
   This past weekend we had a family of 3 here and they caught some smaller sturgeon nothing to keep though.  They did end up with at least 8 nice walleyes they kept.  So that's a good sign that the walleyes are in the River! 

September 10th, 2015:
  A father and daughter that come every year were here again and they caught 5 sturgeon during their stay.  Kari caught the biggest one at 59 inches!  They said it was slower this year and we agree it has to be because of the crazy weather going from hot to cool to hot to cool again!  I think fall is here to stay now as the leaves are changing colors I just hope we can have a very long fall and a short winter.

September 6th, 2015:
  We had a few groups up fishing for sturgeon for their first time ever.  They had fun but sounds like sturgeon fishing was slow one group never caught a sturgeon in 2 days of fishing.  The other group did catch a few and one of the guys caught quite a few suckers.  Hoping the sturgeon start biting soon!

August 29th-September 4th, 2015:
  We had a group of 2 guys out fishing for sturgeon during this time.  Some days were so hot but they ended up fishing most of the day.  They did catch some sturgeon with Shawn having the biggest one in the mid 50s and then a few mins later Randy reeled in one that was a 1/2 inch bigger!  So on this trip Randy got to have the bragging rights!  They tried all over but sounds like the hung around the Frontier area the most.  The sturgeon weren't biting like crazy but the guys still had a fun time.

August 18th, 2015:
   One of our monthly renters were out fishing on the main lake for walleyes today and said they caught their limits and nice size fish.  One of the guys had a bigger walleye they are guessing over 25 inches that ended up getting off.  Sounds like the walleye fishing on the lake has been good for a while now.  My parents (Alyse's) came up to visit this past weekend and my dad went out fishing with a friend and they caught their limit within a few hours down rigging near Morris Point Gap.  After the hot weather we had over the weekend the last few days have felt like Fall weather but looks like the temperature should be going up again this weekend.  We can't wait to see all the sturgeon and walleye fishermen that are coming these next few months!  Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the summer!  I know Grant and I can't believe it is about over but we are looking forward to seeing everyone!!

August 16th, 2015:
  We had a group of 4 guys that were up fishing from Thursday-Saturday mainly for sturgeon despite the hot weather we had.  They did get to enjoy the lightning show, metor shower, and the northern lights while they were here.  They did catch some sturgeon with the biggest being just over 54 inches and it sounds like they caught a few in the low 50s.  They even tried fishing at night once and didn't end up catching any but heard quite a few of them jump.  They even caught some walleyes while fishing for sturgeon.  In Birchdale they had their Sturgeon tournament and a 13 year old boy won the whole thing with a 58 inch sturgeon he caught!

July 12th, 2015: 
   Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for awhile we have been busy cutting trees down and building a lean to shed. Can't believe summer is going by so fast!

   Just wanted to fill everyone in on fishing lately. We had a group here for a few days around the 4th that were walleye fishing on the lake and they had good luck. 
  We had a couple that stayed here for 4 nights (starting on the 7th) and went fishing up by Morson for walleyes and northerns. The wife caught a nice size Northern while fishing and also told me they did good on the walleyes too.
  We also 2 guys come up for sturgeon fishing in the 7th (caught 2), 8th (caught 7), and 9th (they didn't have any luck). They caught some nice ones and let everything go as they just like to catch them. But one of our neighbors had some friends up and they caught one to keep on Tuesday the 7th.

May 9th, 2015:
  Grant drove a charter trip for opener and they didn't have very good luck and it was a cold day.  They ended up catching a few northerns, sturgeon, and an eel pout and ended up keeping 12 fish. 

April 15th, 2015:
   Thank you everyone for a wonderful PreSpawn Season!  We hope you had a great time and had some good stories to tell friends.  Don't forget that Sturgeon Season is open April 24th, 2015-May 7th, 2015.

April 12th, 2015:
   Today was another nice day with some wind this afternoon but settling down towards evening.  While cleaning rooms today every time Grant came back up by the office he would see a boat catch a fish.  We spent the afternoon outside and watched quite a few people land some nice looking fish.  We talked to a few different groups today and they all said they had a good day.  One group of 2 caught 10 walleyes over 25 inches today and quite a few 18 inch small mouth bass.  Sounds like most groups had the best fishing from the airport to about Vidas.

April 11th, 2015:
   Today was a beautiful day and we wish we were on the river fishing with everyone.  We watched people fishing in front of our place catch a few fish when the wind wasn't blowing crazy.  Sounds like the fishing was better all over the river with quite a few in the high 20's being caught and even heard of a few 30 inch ones.  One group told us they caught 7 walleyes over 27 inches.

April 10th, 2015:
  Today the sun was shinning most of the day but the wind did pick up for a little this afternoon making it feel a little cooler.  I just talked to one group that had a very good day over by Vidas Landing with most of their fish were slot fish with the top 3 being a 27 inch, 29 inch, and a 30 inch that weighed about 11 pounds!  Hope to have pictures soon and will post them as soon as I get them.  We had quite a few boats in front of us today and saw a few catch some walleyes while we were outside for a little bit watching.  Tomorrow is suppose to be a gorgeous day with a high of 66 degrees and lots of sunshine with winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph.

The Watson and Berzin Group sent a picture and a fishing report for when they were here:
"Thursday (April 9th, 2015) and Friday (10th) were our best days.  We boated probably 20 fish Thursday with almost all of them being over 20 inches.  On Friday we fished until about 11am and caught 20 walleyes with only 4 under 20 inches."

April 9th, 2015:
   Grant's dad and some friends were out fishing in the nice weather we finally had and they had their best day so far with about 40 fish for the 3 of them.  They caught one walleye that weighed 10lbs and 11 oz and the biggest sturgeon was 20 pounds.  Another group said they had a good day of fishing with quite a few slot fish and they were trying all over the river yesterday.

April 8th, 2015:
   We woke up to a nice white blanket covering the ground this morning.  It did all melt this afternoon with the high getting in the 40s and hardly any wind today.  Tomorrow is suppose to be a high of 54 degrees and partly cloudy with winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.  The water temperature by our place was reading 38 degrees this afternoon hoping the weather warms up so that river will warm up and get those females in here more.  Just talked to one group said it was slow and the biggest one for them was 24 inches.  Talked to another group and for 3 guys boated 20 fish with some slot fish nothing to big though.... Another group said they caught some nice slot fish today and caught some fish but didn't have a number of how many caught

April 7th, 2015:
    Today was very windy for most of the day but everyone spent most of the day out there fishing.  I talked to a few groups that said the water temperature was around 37 to 38 degrees in spots.  They said fishing was a little slow with some walleyes in the mid 20s and some sturgeon were caught.  I did talk to some groups that headed east of us and they were catching some slot fish so hope that's a sign they are moving in.  One group ended up with some nice eaters that were in the 17-19 inch range.  They are calling for snow 1-3 inches for tonight and then it is suppose to start warming up again.

April 6th, 2015:
  The public access is open out by Wheeler's Point and Borderview Lodge as of this afternoon.  Sounds like the water is open past Wigwam Resort and have heard reports of the fishing being better to west than heading east. 
  I talked to one group that came in after fishing for a few hours this afternoon and they headed just east of us and caught a 24 inch, 22 inch, and a 19 inch. 
  Another group fished just west of the International Bridge and figured they caught about 35 fish today with about 20 of them before 11:00am.  Their biggest walleye so far is just under 27 inches hoping tomorrow they can get above that number. 
  A group of 2 guys caught just a few fish today but they didn't fish very long as they drove during the night and figured they would get a good night's sleep and then fish hard tomorrow.  They stayed closer to town for the day and just checked out a few spots. 

April 5th, 2015:
    Most of groups tried heading west to where the open water ended since they were catching many walleyes near us or to the east.  They said today was their best day so far and will be going out there again tomorrow.  One guy said he saw a couple 30 inch walleyes, 29 inch, and 28 inch caught in boats by him while they were fishing sturgeon.  They caught a few sturgeon with the young boy catching the biggest one at 60 inches!  Another group said they did good out there yesterday and were finally catching some walleyes.  Grant's dad and some family friends fished near our place yesterday and did not do very good. 

April 4th, 2015:
  Talked to a group that fished out by Sportsman's and said they caught some nice slot fish but didn't catch a lot of fish.  It was cold yesterday with the wind but most groups lasted most of the day on the water.  Another group tried east between Vidas and Frontier and only caught a few fish so they were going to head closer to the lake tomorrow.  Total walleyes being caught a day aren't high yet and the water temp. was still mid-30s but one group had 22 fish before 10:30am today.  From the Mrosla Group, "Was good fishing this morning. Had 22 fish by 1030 this morning quite a few over 20 with a 26 being the biggest. Thurs and fri caught around that many fishing all day with mostly slot fish."

April 3rd, 2015:
   We talked to a few different groups tonight and most of them said that fishing was very slow today with about 15-20 fish per boat.  I did watch one of our guests this evening catch a sturgeon just out from our dock.  Hoping tomorrow the weather is a little warmer and the fishing reports are better.  I did update the fishing pictures again today as I received some more.

April 2nd, 2015:
  We have received some fish pictures from earlier this week be sure to check them out in the Spring Fishing Pictures.  Grant's dad was out fishing this morning for a few hours and caught a 27 inch walleye while waiting for some friends to get here.  I talked to one guy that came in early around 2:00pm that was fishing by Vidas and said that it was really rough there and caught a few northerns so he was going to try closer by us.  Another group that left today fished until about 1:15pm and they said they did the best just east of Vidas Landing today.  This afternoon it was windy, sprinkling and snowing a little bit.  Hope to have more reports this evening!  Also we have been calls about the river being dirty from the groups I talked to it doesn't sounds like it was muddy/dirty where they were fishing.

April 1st, 2015:
   Today was a beautiful day with the sun shinning it did make it into the 60s but it was a little windy throughout the day.  Fishing was still pretty slow for most groups it sounds like the average was about 20-25 fish a boat with the biggest being around 25 inches that I heard of.  The sturgeon are still biting a friend had on the biggest one of his life and fought it for an hour and half before it got tangled and they decided to cut the line since it was dark out.  The weather is suppose to change so hoping that doesn't mess with the fish too much.

March 31st, 2015:
    I talked to some groups earlier this morning when it was cloudy and a little chilly on the River and they said they weren’t catching fish and they didn’t see many people around them getting fish. Sounds like this afternoon was a little bit better but still not getting many for the day. A few slot fish we did hear about. Grant’s dad caught a 27 and 3/4 inch walleye and a guy fishing with him finally caught his first sturgeon so he was very excited! Hope that the fish bite tomorrow with the warmer weather and hopefully it will be sunny all day.

March 30th, 2015:
    Some groups did good today and sounds like everyone had a lot of fun on the River. We have a young boy here who was so excited to get out there fishing and was hoping to catch a sturgeon and it sounds like he got a nice one at 58 inches and even a slot walleye too! I love seeing young kids so excited to go fishing! Heard of a few other slot fish but sounded like it was about a 15-20 fish day for most groups.

March 29th, 2015:
  Sounds like fishing is picking up a little bit more.  It was very windy all day with a little rain in the morning but that didn't stop them from going fishing.  Hope to have some pictures soon!

March 28th, 2015:
  Jason's group of 4 said they averaged 25-30 fish a day for the last 3 days with the biggest walleye 27 and half inches and a nice sturgeon was also caught.  Sounds like even though it was a little slower than they would of liked they still had a fun time.  They also shared a story about the Sturgeon they caught where 2 guys had it hooked and then one of the hooks let go and they were close to the boat and grabbed it by the tail to try and get it in and lost it and then a different guy had hooked the sturgeon but they finally got it in the boat. 

March 27th, 2015:
  Grant talked to some people at the landing that said fishing was a little slow but they were still catching fish.  They said the walleyes were all mainly males and that the water temperature is still in the 30s.  Hoping that each day gets a little bit better and the weather warms up.

March 26th, 2015:
  Talked to a group that got out there about noon and was back here about 6 pm and they caught 20 fish for the day with the biggest being about 24 inches.  They said the water temperature was in the low 30s for the day.

March 24th, 2015:
  Talked to some groups and they said fishing was a little slow but the sturgeon were biting.... Didn't sound like any big walleyes today and the ice broke lose so they could go up by frontier.  Another group said they did good and caught a few that were about 24 inches.

March 23rd, 2015:
  We talked to two of the groups tonight and they said they did the best in the morning with one group catching 15 fish and the other one catching 6 fish.  They both said the afternoon slowed down to hardly even getting a bite they tried deeper water and didn't have any luck also.

March 22nd, 2015:
  Our group of 5 did good again yesterday with the biggest being 23 inches.  They were going to go out for a few hours this morning before heading back home.  Report from last night some groups did good and some not so good…a group went to Kutte's landing and caught a sucker and one walleye for the day...a group ice fishing did very well and caught some nice slot fish and even got their limit and decided to stay another night

March 20th, 2015:
   This evening we had 2 different groups stop in and let us know about the fishing for today.  One group of 5 had a very good with the biggest one being 27 inches and some in the 20s were caught.  The other group of 3 said each day is getting better and that their biggest was about 17 inches today.  They were thinking most of the fish they caught were males.  Hoping each day gets better for everyone.
   We talked to one of the groups that is staying with us this morning and they said fishing was slow for them yesterday.  Doesn't sound like any big fish were caught.  When we were at Birchdale checking the river conditions a group was just pulling their boat out of the water and said they caught their 2 walleye each but no big ones either.  It is cooler on the river today as the temperature was only 31 degrees when we were there but with the wind felt a lot colder.

March 19th, 2015:
  We talked to one group last night that was fishing up by Pelland for the day and they caught 27 walleyes and the biggest being 24 inches.  They also caught some sturgeon with one being 73 inches hoping they send a picture to share with everyone!  Hoping the fishing is good!

March 8th, 2015:
    Grant, a friend and I went out tip up fishing today on Bostic because it was a beautiful day. We landed 2 small northerns and had a few other flags go but didn't hook them. We will be checking the river conditions tomorrow afternoon. So keep an eye out for that report under the 2015 River Conditions.  We also talked to some guys that were walleye fishing in about 24 feet of water and they didn't have very good luck and are going to try in shallower this evening or on some reefs.

February 24th, 2014:
    On the 15th of this month marked 3 years since we have bought it.  We were discussing on how fast these 3 years have gone by and all the wonderful people we have met.  Thank you to each and everyone of you!!
   This past weekend we had some groups that were ice fishing and some groups that were enjoying the fresh snow we got earlier in the week.  As for fishing it has been slow and Grant was helping with a fishing derby on Saturday and there weren't not many fish caught.  As for the guys that were up snowmobiling they said the trails were very nice and the river was probably the best part.  We have been having some cold weather lately and I am sure this is not helping with the fishing either.  Here's to hoping for warm weather and an earlier Spring Walleye Run this year!  We hope everyone is having a good and safe winter.

January 11th, 2014:
    Fishing was slow for the groups that were here this weekend.  Today, one of our guests fished part of the day before heading home and said their biggest walleye was 15 inches and they caught a 28 1/2 inch eel pout.  Hoping with the warmer weather we are suppose to get starting Tuesday that fishing will pick up.
Here is the 28 and half inch eel pout caught today:

December 27th, 2014:
   We have heard mixed reviews of fishing and today I talked to one group that just got in from fishing for the day.  They ended up keeping 10 fish for the day and they said they were all nice keepers they are hoping to catch 6 tomorrow so they can go home with their limits.  We had friends that were out fishing yesterday about 13 miles out and they did really good for the day.  We have also heard of some groups not having as much luck but still having fun.

December 25th, 2014:
   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  We hope everyone had a wonderful time with friends and family.

November 6th, 2014:
  There was one group of 3 out fishing for a few hours this afternoon after they checked into their room.  They said it was slow but kept 3 fish and they were up by the church.  They are thinking about trying closer to Clementson tomorrow.  We talked to some locals that were out fishing on Wednesday evening and they did good right before dark for about 45 mins despite the wind and cold that day.  Hoping the people fishing have some better luck and weather and the deer hunters have a safe hunting season and get the big buck.

November 1st, 2014:
  We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.  Grant enjoyed the day pheasant hunting in South Dakota and I was able to go with some friends and their kids trick-or-treating.  We haven't had many groups here fishing but a guy that rents by the month has been out the last few days and it has been slow.  Today he was out a few hours despite the wind and caught a walleye right away, a sauger, and some northerns.  Hoping the fishing picks up and the wind would quit so it would feel nice outside and not so cold. 

October 28th, 2014:
  We had one group out fishing yesterday that said they ended up keeping 7 fish for the few hours they were out on the River.  It didn't sound like many slot fish were caught.  My dad (Alyse's) went fishing on the lake yesterday with another guy and they had their limit in a few hours but nothing big.  Today it was rainy and we even had some snowflakes this afternoon but that didn't stop the people from fishing.  We haven't had a chance to talk to them to see how they did today but they did go out and fish most of the day. 

October 26th, 2014:
  Fishing over the weekend was either a hit or miss for most groups.  We did hear that some groups were catching quite a few slot walleyes in the mid 20's but nothing huge.  One guy had some good luck as he landed a 12 pound, 31 1/2 inch walleye to mount.  Sounded like some groups caught their limits and ate fish a few times during their stay.  They did say there were a lot of small ones caught too but they said it was still fun!  I saw one picture of a small walleye that a guy caught and it was barely bigger than his shiner.  The weather was pretty windy on Saturday.
October 19th, 2014:
   This past Thursday thru today fishing was spotty for many groups with Friday being the worst day for almost everyone.  Sounds like some groups enjoyed a fish fry over the weekend and were able to take some home.  Today we had some guys fishing in front of our place and one guy caught a 22 inch walleye right away.  Grant and I actually went out for about an hour yesterday (Saturday) and we got 3 Northerns while pulling plugs and missed 2 fish while jigging before heading back in.  Sounds like fishing has been good by the airport this past weekend but today the guy's said they didn't have much luck there so they tried many spots. We have one group with 2 boats that fished all day long and they are planning on having a fish fry I saw their bucket of fish and they looked like nice ones.  Another group just checked in and said that today was pretty slow.  Hoping the big walleyes move in soon for all the fishermen and fisherwomen out there. 

October 15th, 2014:
   Fishing has been slow for some groups on Sunday and Monday.  Grant managed to get out fishing with some guys and said he caught one slot walleye on Sunday, the other guys caught one keeper, a few small ones, and missed a few. 
  We received an email from Brad, " My son’s first trip to the Rainy River was a huge success.  Sunday (10/12) was even better than Saturday (10/11).  Sunday the fish were much bigger, not huge…but my 7 year old landed 3 in the 23-25 inch range."
  We haven't had many people up fishing during the week but we did get a group yesterday that came to fish for sturgeon (catch and release season) and they got quite a few yesterday and today.  Today one boat had 2 sturgeon over 60 inches and one boat caught about 13 for the day along with the other 2 boats fishing sturgeon doing very good too.  We hope to have more reports tomorrow as more groups show up for the weekend.  We hope the weather stays warm for them and they have good luck fishing.

October 13th, 2014:
   I received this email from Aaron who was here October 9th-11th, Here is what he said:
  "We hit them pretty well between 9-1 on Thursday and Friday, then again after 3 but slower.  Thursday of course was better than Friday.  We may have been the only ones out there back trolling and moving around Thursday, but it gave us a full limit that day and we didn't have to mess with the anchor.   Fished 18-20 of water at Airport, windsock, airport dock, houseboat with most success.  Spent all day on Saturday (and it was gorgeous) at the houseboat in 20-23 feet of water.  We did very well there and managed a couple 21's, a 23 and a 28 incher that all went back.  It shut off when it got windy, and the bite came back but it was very light.  We finished up that day with our possession limit by 5 o'clock and pulled out Sunday morning to head home.  Hope all had good luck that day as well. 

Used 3/8 to 3/4 and had best luck on green/chartreuse with short shanks, as well as the tricolor green/glow/orange as well as gold, some luck on bubblegum tricolor with glow as well.  Some bites on everything, but nothing on the Lindy i can recall.  They were a bit picky as to how you thread the minnow up."

October 10th, 2014:
   Today was finally nice and not much wind (I think it was windy for at least 6 days straight).  We talked to a few different groups today and one group said they did really good and got their limits.  Another group said they had a little bit slower day but enjoyed the weather.  We had about 3 boats in front of our place this morning and most of the afternoon.  There were 2 different boats by our place this evening we are hoping the walleye are moving in closer to us so we might be able to go fishing one of these evenings.  Sounds like tomorrow is going to be in mid-50s with not much wind.  We hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend fishing!  Remember to send us your pictures at royal_dutchman@hotmail.com.

October 9th, 2014:
   Today was still windy and cold but some groups seemed to have a good day of fishing while another group said it was their slowest day so far.  We had a friend go out this evening and caught 14 fish in just a few hours and ended up keeping his limit. 

October 6th, 2014:
   Today was windy again but didn't feel as cold as it has the last few days.  I finally got flowers dug up and tulips planted for next year.  The guys said that fishing was quite a bit slower by Clementson today but they did pick up a 25 inch walleye they released closer to our place.  Another group fished by Birchdale and said they did really good today.  Hoping everyone has a safe and fun fall fishing trip.

October 5th, 2014:
  Sounded like most of the groups caught some fish and were able to have a good supper.  The biggest walleyes I heard were a 19 inch and a 23 inch.  It was windy pretty much all day but they braved the cold wind and caught some fish.  One of the guys also caught a 42 inch Northern today and will hopefully have pictures soon of all their fish.

October 4th, 2014:
   Yesterday we had 2 guys go out for a few hours and they said they caught some walleye but that it was cold.  Most of the day it rained and then started snowing around 3:30 PM for a while but the snow didn't stay for too long.  Today was very windy and cold but that didn't stop the guys from going fishing for the day.  They spent most of the day out there and they said they caught some walleye on the river and called it a good day of fishing.  I didn't get exact numbers but they were happy.
Here is a picture of the snow on my car on October 3rd, 2014:

September 29th, 2014:
   We had 9 rooms that were fishing sturgeon during this past weekend with most of them saying that Friday was the best day.  The biggest one sturgeon we heard of was 61 inches with some other in the mid-50s.  We also had a group that was walleye fishing and it seemed the river had slowed down a bit so they headed out to the Pine Island area on Friday and kept 12 walleyes in just a few hours. 
   On Saturday it was so beautiful out I saw it was 85 degrees for the high at our place.  The walleye bite on the lake had slowed down a bit but the same group that was walleye fishing ended up catching some to keep.  The sturgeon fishermen said today was very slow but one group caught a keeper which was this guy's first sturgeon he has ever caught. 
   On Sunday a few groups that didn't head home tried sturgeon fishing til the rain came and said it was still slow but they caught a few.  Most of Sunday it was raining and we ended up getting 3/4 of an inch of rain.
   Today we had a group of 3 that came for the day to sturgeon fish they ended up catching a 52 inch one, a sucker, a northern and a small walleye.  Today was cooler and cloudy we did get to see the sun for most of the afternoon.   

September 22nd, 2014:
  We did end up with rain this weekend and some crazy wind along with a little bit of hail on Friday night.  Today was gorgeous and looks like the last part of the Sturgeon keep season is going to be really nice. We talked to some groups that stayed here this past weekend fishing and they said they caught some sturgeon and one group of 3 even went home with their limit of walleyes even though they were fishing for sturgeon.  One group caught a 61 inch sturgeon and 55 inch sturgeon this past weekend.  Between all the groups there were 3 sturgeon kept.  We talked to a local guy that has been fishing the river and has had some really good nights and some slower nights the past week or so.  The walleye are starting to bite more now hoping that means October Fishing will be awesome!  We have had a guy fishing off the dock and he has caught some slot walleyes this past weekend also.

September 15th, 2014:
   I received some emails today with sturgeon pictures and some information.  I would like to share the information from one group over this weekend about their fishing report, "Thank you for another great stay!  We caught 28 sturgeon in 2 days (September 12th and 13th) on the river plus many many other species and we caught over 40 walleye and sauger in one day (September 14th) on lake of the woods.  We were even fortunate enough to bring home our limit of walleyes!"

September 12th, 2014:
  The group of six guys from Wisconsin spent most of their last day out fishing before heading home.  When they came in around noon they didn't have any keepers but said they caught 6 walleyes the night before with the biggest one being 26 inches.  The biggest sturgeon caught since September 6th, 2014 for the group was 58 inches.  They had caught a total of 27 sturgeon so far with just one being a keeper.  They went back out for a few more hours this day to try and get 5 more keepers.  They were fishing from 2PM-5PM and caught 7 sturgeon with 2 of them being keepers before they came back in and headed home.

September 9th, 2014:
   During the night we had a thunderstorm and got about a half inch of rain.  Today was cool and windy with some rain this evening.  Despite the bad weather the group of 6 guys caught 9 sturgeon this afternoon/evening with one being a keeper.  This was the best day of fishing so far on their trip.  They got some walleyes and an 2 big small mouth bass (18 inches and 20 inches). 

September 8th, 2014:
   Despite the wind all day everyone made it out fishing even including us this evening.  The group of 6 only got one sturgeon today that wasn't in the slot so no keepers yet.  They did catch some species also.  A group of 4 that got here this afternoon caught 3 sturgeon with 2 of them being short of the slot and one that was smaller.  The wind did die down tonight when Grant and I went out fishing.  Grant caught and released a 22 inch walleye, I caught and released a mid 20s sturgeon and 2 small saugers.  There are some walleyes in the River already as we were strictly sturgeon fishing and were lucky enough to catch those other ones.  Towards the end of the evening the wind did pick up again, the temperature dropped, and it looked like it was snowing because of the fish fly hatch.

September 7th, 2014:
   We have a group of 6 guys that have caught 8 sturgeon between yesterday and today.  No keepers, a couple over the slot, a few just short of the slot and some smaller ones.  They also caught some other species. 

September 4th, 2014:
  There have been 2 groups out fishing for sturgeons the last few days.  It sounds like they have been having a fun time and caught a few so far.  On Tuesday one group caught 8 and the other group caught 2 with the biggest being a 54 inch sturgeon.  Today the one group said they caught some sturgeon today with the biggest one being 56 inches, they also caught a 41 inch northern, and a 16 inch walleye in the river.  Grant and Jim (Grant's dad) had a bear hunter up here and he has been hunting since September 2nd, and Frank got his bear tonight!  Here is Frank with his bear, Grant is thinking it is about a 2 year old bear...Way to go Frank!

August 20th, 2014:
  The river water level have been dropping for about a week and half.  We are now able to see our entire dock again.  We have it all ready for the fall fishing with the only difference being the dock house is closed until further notice.  There is a cleaning board on the dock to clean fish otherwise there is a cleaning facility on the other side of the highway.  The water is clearing up and the current has dropped a lot and you can get by with 3-4 oz for sturgeon fishing.  Bass, Northerns, and Sturgeon are all biting in the river right now.  We hope next week that we will be able to get out there and try our luck.

July 16th, 2014:
  We were able to get out and walleye fish for a change with Alyse's parents while they were up visiting.  We got out on the lake about 6:30PM and were back in a little after 9:00 PM.  We went thru 2 packages of frozen shiners and then went to long line with crank baits for walleyes.  We had a lot of small fish and a lot that would steal our bait.  Grant ended up catching the biggest walleye which was about 23 inches.  We ended up keeping 16 fish to have a fish fry the next day. 

July 14th, 2014:
   Today was a cool, rainy, and windy day.  The River is still high and we still haven't been able to see our docks yet but we believe they are still there.  The dock is closed and we advise everyone to not use the dock until the water goes down and the dock is above water again.  With the wind today and rain we got the river rose a few feet today.  We had a group of 7 guys go out about 2pm until about 7:30pm and they landed 10 sturgeon (1 at 62"which is over and was released, 1 at 47" which they kept, and other 8 were to small to keep).  Alyse went with her parents today and picked blueberries they are just starting with a lot of them on plants that aren't quite ready but we managed to get over 3 pounds.

June 15th, 2014:
  We have gotten a lot of rain the last few days!  It finally stopped around 8:30PM for a bit to get some pictures of the flooding right by our house and pictures of our dock that looks invisible now. 
Here is what the dock looked like on June 3rd when it was first under water you are able to see some of the dock and all the posts still:

Today (June 15th just before 8:30PM) you can hardly see the dock poles anymore and the dock house has water up to Grant's waist in spots:

This is looking straight off the deck on the front of the house:  It is flooded in Canada and a lot of trees are now in the water that weren't before:

June 2, 2014:
   We got about an inch of rain this weekend.  Grant and I actually got to enjoy a weekend away and went camping with some friends at Pelican Lake in Orr, MN.  We caught some sunfish, bass, and a crappie.  We didn't fish very hard and were just enjoying a relaxing weekend.  We did hear that fishing walleyes on the lake for some people was a little tough.  As they tried jigging, using spinners, and trolling for them.  They were able to catch a few still.

May 14th, 2014:
   We woke up to 33 degrees this morning and it was snowing!  It feels like Spring is never coming but looking at the forecast we are suppose to be in the 60s starting Saturday!  So I hope the weatherman is right.  We are still hoping for decent weather for this weekend to try and get out there fishing.  After the rain the last few days the water came up quite a bit in the River and stirred it up some too. 

May 11th, 2014:
   Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there!!  We were able to spend time with our mom's and still haven't gotten out fishing yet.  We are waiting for warmer weather so hopefully this coming weekend we will make it out one day since it is suppose to be in the 60s.  We talked to a group that left today and they said the biggest walleye they caught was just over 28 inches!  We also pictures of friends that fished near the gap that caught some walleyes that were 30 inches!

May 10th, 2014: 
  After a rainy day on Friday, Saturday ended up being the nicest day we have had in a long time!!  Talked to some groups that said they had trouble catching walleyes to keep that they were all in the slot.  The biggest we heard for the day was 27 inches.  Grant and I (Alyse) spent some time on the dock with friends and they tried fishing for some walleyes.  We did watch boats just to the east of us catch some nice fish.

May 7th, 2014:
   We had some guys fishing for sturgeon and they caught a nice 40 inch sturgeon.  We also heard of some locals catching walleye while fishing for sturgeon sounds like they are in the river!

April 26th, 2014:
   There were many boats fishing in front of our house today and we saw quite a few boats land some nice looking sturgeon.  Some groups had good luck while another group only caught 3 for the day.
  I did receive a few emails from previous customers with their fishing reports.  A group of 3 that was here April 16-18 wrote: "Got 21. 2 60s. One had 28 girth. Cpl other 58+."  Another group with 2 guys that were here April 23 and 24th wrote: "We got 12 total. 4 inches of snow built up on us last night but we still had fun."

April 24th, 2014:
  1st day of Sturgeon Season and it starts out raining and turns to snowflakes later in the day.  Hoping the rest of the season is better weather for all those fishing.  Hopefully this coming week Grant and I will be able to try for our trophy size sturgeon. 
   I have talked to one group that was out fishing in the rain this morning. They lasted for about 6 hours and caught a total of 6 sturgeon for 2 guys!  Hope to have some more reports either tonight or tomorrow morning.
  One of our big groups caught around 16 for the day with the biggest being 59 inches and the biggest yesterday was 60 inches.

April 23rd, 2014:
  Talked to a few different groups today and sounds like the sturgeon are biting!! One group said they caught about 15 sturgeon for the last 2 1/2 days with the biggest one being 73 inches and right before that he landed a 59 inch one! Another group that fished most of today caught 8 total and had a blast! Can't wait to get pictures of that 73 inch to share with everyone he figures it was well over a 100 lbs!

April 13th, 2014:
  Today was very windy and most groups stayed out most of the day.  Fishing was slow for most groups and we didn't hear any reports of big walleyes caught.  The water was open in front of Vidas (customer told us they took a boat ride on the river) and we apologize we never got pictures of it today.

April 12th, 2014:
  After talking to most of the groups fishing was slower but still catching some fish and slot fish. One group was out less than half a day and caught 15 with the biggest just over 28 inches.

April 9th, 2014:
   Today is a beautiful day around noon the temperature was saying it was 61 degrees!  I think Spring is here to stay and the birds are coming back and flying into the windows already.  This afternoon one of our guests came in with their limit and said they caught about 18 fish this morning with a few in the slot and the biggest fish being 26 inches.  He made the comment that there weren't as many boats at Birchdale as he thought there would be.  Hope to have pictures soon.  Talked to some other groups this evening and they said that fishing was good with many fish caught in the mid 20s.  The biggest we were heard was another 26 inch and a 28 inch walleye.  Remember to email us pictures at royal_dutchman@hotmail.com. 

April 8th, 2014:
  We talked to a group that was out fishing for about half a day today and they said they caught a bunch of small walleyes and a few slot fish.  They also said the current was slow and the water clarity was good.
  I just talked to the group that was here this past weekend and they caught some fish and even had a fish fry they invited us too.  The fish was so good!  The fished half a day Thursday, all day Friday and Saturday.  They said Saturday was the best day with catching about 30 fish and nothing to big.  I believe they said the biggest one caught was 25 inches they also caught some bigger suckers too.  Check out the Spring Fishing Pictures as they had emailed me a few.

March 12th, 2014:
   The weather has been nice lately with the temperature being in the 30s tomorrow!  Our snow is slowly disappearing around the buildings.  The fishing is still good for some groups and not so good for other groups.  After supper on Sunday evening we caught this beautiful sunset behind the building on the other side of the highway.  The picture doesn't show the pink as bright as it was the other night but it was still beautiful to see after a nice warm day.  It makes it feel like spring!

February 17th, 2014:
   Some groups did good fishing this past weekend.  We ended up getting snow last night and into the early afternoon today.  The temperature was actually above zero and felt wonderful for a change.  We would like to thank everyone for a wonderful 2 second year!  We enjoy getting to see familiar faces and meeting new people all the time.  We are excited for Spring Fishing which will be here before we know it.  We hope everyone has a safe rest of the winter!

January 26th, 2014:
  We had two guys that braved the cold temperatures and wind to go out fishing in portables.  They were back here by 1 PM with their limit!  They enjoyed fish for supper last night.  Today was still cold with the wind chill and they said fishing was a little slower.

January 14th, 2014:
    I hope everyone has been enjoying the nice weather we had the last few days.  Looks like snow and wind is headed our way soon.  Just wanted to let everyone know about fishing the last few days.  Grant and I went out on Monday from about 3:30-5ish Grant had one bite that he said was probably a good size fish but it got away on him.  I didn't get any bites but for those of you that don't know I can't ever feel bottom on the river but Grant said I was on bottom (maybe he was lying to me Just kidding)!  Some other guys were fishing close to us for about the same amount of time and didn't catch any either.  I talked to a few groups tonight that were fishing on the lake and they said that it was slower but still caught some fish.  They said Monday was a better day for them!  Here's to hoping this weather doesn't mess with the fish too much and that fishing is great for this long weekend!

January 10th, 2104:
    Some groups reported keeping 13 or more fish for the day.  We had beautiful weather and even some snow flurries later in the day.  The groups were hoping fishing would be about the same today.  They were fishing in about 27 plus feet of water.  We haven't heard much for reports on the Rainy River lately but we have seen many locals fishing up river from us.  One of our guests tried by the airport during the day and caught some keepers.

December 26th, 2013:
    We just got word from Cyrus Resort and Adrian's Resort that their plowed roads are open to everything.  Remember to be safe and not venture off their plow roads. 

December 25th, 2013:
    Merry Christmas!  We hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas!  We had some friends that went out fishing for the day and ended up keeping 14 fish.  They said it was slower.  We also got word that Adrian's and Cyrus are planning on opening the road to 1/2 ton vehicles tomorrow.

December 23rd, 2013:
    Since we didn't have many people fishing the last few days we took this from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau: "Multiple limits still being caught daily, with plenty of trophy walleyes in the mix. Fish and fish houses shifted a bit deeper this week.  Morning bite 7-10 am and afternoons later than 2 pm still producing the most action. Pick your favorite jig, glow jigs have been hot! Tip hooks with a live shiner or minnow in 22-28 feet of water. Use a dead stick 6″ off bottom and an active jigging spoon tipped with minnow head in the other. Electronics helpful in finding those few suspended fish."

December 6th, 2013:
    Grant and I (Alyse) have not made it out fishing between our jobs and plowing all the snow out of the way.  We did have one guy that went last night and tonight by the airport.  He said that fishing as good but they quit biting for him at 4 PM both nights.  He ended up keeping 3 fish for today.  This morning at 7:30 AM it was -14 degrees and it said it felt like -26 degrees.  I think winter is here to stay!  The next few days and nights are suppose to be very cold.

December 2nd, 2013:
    A group staying with us went out fishing in the evening and said that fishing was good.  It sounds like most people fishing the evenings by the airport have been having great nights and bringing some fish in to eat.

December 2nd, 2013:
    This is from the Lake of the Woods Tourism site, "We are ice fishing and fishing is great! A solid 8-9 inches of ice on the Zippel Bay, Bostic Bay, Morris and 4 Mile Bay is perfect for heading out on foot or with ATV’s and snowmobiles. Trails are marked out on the lake up to 3 miles or about 20′ of water with about 7 solid inches of ice. Use resort marked trails when venturing out for safety! Resorts do have lodging available, and permanent houses are predicted to be out later this week! Fishing has been good 15-19 feet of water. Use a pink/gold stop sign or solid gold jig tipped with a minnow. Fish 4-8 inches off bottom.
The Rainy River has 4-6 inches of ice in many spots. Trails have not been marked so be cautious when venturing out. Do not go out on river if you are not sure of ice or area.  Fishing  has been good from 10-13 feet of water. Use bright colors tipped with a minnow.
Up at the NW Angle ice continues to build. 3-5 inches is most common around most islands, with the inlet up to 6″. Safety first! Again, work with resorts marking trails." 

November 30th, 2013:
    We had some friends that went fishing out on the Lake and ended up catching some nice fish.  We heard many stories of wonderful fishing on the lake and evenings were excellent on the River this weekend.

November 27th, 2013:
    From Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau: Current Ice Report...Just spoke to resort owner who measured 6.5" across Four Mile Bay and 5-6" of ice on the lake out from Pine Island to 24 feet of water. A few spots you could tell didn't freeze initially had 4". 

November 25th, 2013:
    This statement came of Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau: 4 Mile Bay has 4-5 inches and there is 4-5 inches on the lake walking straight out from Pine Island.  Water clarity in shallow water looked god. Morris point 6-7 on bay and 4-5 inches on lake.  Zippel Bay has 5-7 inches with 3-4 inches on the lake out about half a mile to 15 feet.  Rainy River is frozen and holding snow, but with a strong current is still spotty in most spots.  Water is still visible on some parts of the river.  Clementson Bay has 2-3 inches of ice.  Remember to utilize resorts and marked trails on the ice.  Do not venture off of trails.  Use proper safety gear.  Safety First!
November 18th, 2013:
    After the wind we now have no shore ice left or any ice in the river.  We had some warmer days and looks like it is going to be getting colder here soon.  This morning Jim (Grant's dad) shot a nice 10 point buck weighing 213 pounds.

November 17th, 2013:
    A father and son spent the weekend up here hunting and saw one deer on Friday and no deer on Saturday.  Switched stands on Sunday morning and the son shot a spike that morning before heading back home.

November 14th, 2013:
    We have had some shore ice the last few days and this morning I took this picture at 8:40AM to show some of the ice that is on the Rainy River right in front of us.

November 13th, 2013:
    A couple shot a buck today and said they had seen 16 deer since opener morning.  They were able to get one to take home with them.

November 9th, 2013:
    We hope everyone has a safe Deer Opener!  Where Grant hunts one person in their group got a buck for the day. 
Here is the buck Mona shot this morning:

November 8th, 2013:
    We had a different group of two guys that fished on the main lake today and they said they did really good and that they did catch their limits.  They were going to try the river the next day due to the weather was suppose to be snowy.

November 6th, 2013:
    I received this email today from a group of 2 guys, "In the three days of fishing we probably caught 100 walleyes as well as some saugers and northerns.  The biggest walleye was 24.75, but we caught lots between 19.75 and that one.  Sunday and Tuesday were the best days, but even in the rain Monday we probably caught 20 fish.  Thank for a nice stay!"

November 2nd, 2013:
    One group caught about 50 fish between yesterday and today.  With a few bigger walleyes being between 21-23 inches.  The weather was a lot nicer today and tomorrow they are talking a high of 50 degrees with winds 20-30 mph out of the SE.

October 27th, 2013:
    Fishing has been slower the last few days due to the weather changing so much.  Groups are still catching some fish to have a fish fry and take some home with them.  Today was a little nicer with some wind.  Grant checked his trail cameras today and on one of them was this nice buck taken within the last week or so.

October 22nd, 2013:
    This morning the sun was shinning and later on in the day we had some snow.  Fishing has been pretty good the past few days and that the groups are catching some bigger female walleyes.  Some groups are hooking into sturgeon and one perch was caught today. 
Here is the sunrise this morning from the house and you can see there was still snow on the ground.

October 21st, 2013:
    We have snow on the ground this morning with temperatures in the high 20s.  This past weekend fishing was pretty good for most of the groups.  One group had a big fish fry two nights in a row.  The biggest we heard caught was just under 27 inches and one guy caught a 63 inch sturgeon! 
This picture was taken at 8:31 AM out the front window of the house looking at highway 11:

October 16th, 2013:
    Today ended up being a gorgeous day after the a cold morning with frosted windshields.  This morning we talked to one of the groups and they said that fishing was slower and that they did a lot better in the evening yesterday so hopefully tonight was better for them.  Another group caught their limit of walleyes for the day which were all nice sized ones.  Many locals have spent the last few evening fishing on the river and said it was been so good getting their limits in a few hours!!  We hope to get more pictures sometime soon from groups.  Remember to email them to royal_dutchman@hotmail.com!  Thank you so much!  Here's to a busy weekend and hopefully good fishing and nice weather

October 15th, 2013:
    Despite the cooler temps we had today two different groups had a good day of fishing.  The biggest one we heard of was just under 23 inches.  A group said they caught about 40 fish just in the afternoon and evening.

October 14th, 2013:
    We had one group that went out fishing and ended up catching some nice ones for supper.  We didn't hear of any big fish being caught and we ended up with some rain again. 

October 13th, 2013:
    Most of our people went home this day but we had 2 guys that fished the morning and didn't have very good luck.  A friend of ours also went out fishing and didn't have much luck.  It seemed like fishing slowed down a bit after the rain and the cooler temps.     

October 12th, 2013:
    Most of the day it was lightly raining and fishing had slowed down for some groups and other groups said they did good.  They are hoping that tomorrow will be nicer and the walleyes will be biting for them.

October 11th, 2013:
    Despite the wind and rain later in the day most groups still caught some nice keeper walleyes.  One group enjoyed fried fish for supper. 

October 10th, 2013:
    Everyone that was out fishing had a good day of fishing.  With some slot fish in the 20s being caught and a sturgeon they guess was 50 inches plus.  Everyone caught some fish to keep and either take home or have for supper.  The biggest walleye we heard that was caught was 23 inches.

October 9th, 2013: 
    Today was another beautiful day on the River.  Can't believe how last week it was so cold and now it's been so nice...I guess that is how it is all the time in Minnesota though.  One group said they saw shiners "boiling" by the airport during their stay so far.  This same group has had wonderful fishing with their biggest walleye being 26 inches so far.  This group also caught quite a few walleyes that were 19.5"-20" that were released and kept mainly 17-19 inch walleyes.  There was a sturgeon caught but they didn't have a good way to get it in the boat to measure it but he said it looked 60 plus inches along side the boat. 
Here is a picture of part of the days catch:

October 8th, 2013:
    A couple said that fishing was very good for day.  Another group also had a nice day of fishing with beautiful weather.  There were shiners in front of the house last night along with sturgeon jumping.

October 6th, 2013:
    The shiners are starting to move up the river so the walleye are starting to move in.  We have a group of 4 guys that were out fishing today and yesterday that caught quite a few walleyes and even kept their limits for supper. 

September 30th, 2013:
    Here is what Gary emailed us about their stay, "Thank you for the Sturgeon fishing pointers. We had a blast. We boated 8 fish in a couple half days of fishing and had a blast. Most of the fish were in the 50's inches and our biggest two measured 55 inches. We will be back. Thanks again.  Gary"

September 28th, 2013:
    Despite the rain some of the guys went and fished out on the lake and caught some walleye.  They braved the weather and even went out later in the day on the river for sturgeon.  We had one group that caught one that made it to the freezer.  Overall the they caught some nice sturgeon and walleyes.

September 24th, 2013:
    The same group went out again for most of the day and caught 12 Sturgeon and were able to catch 2 that they could keep.  They are still biting.  We have a weekend full of fishermen this weekend and wish them all the best of luck in catching fish and getting a keeper sturgeon!

September 23rd, 2013:
    We had a group come up early in the morning and ended the day with a 60 inch sturgeon and 2 smaller ones.  Here is Kandy with her 60 inch sturgeon for the first day fishing!

September 16th, 2013: 
    I just posted some sturgeon pictures that the guys from WI emailed me.  Here is what they caught for their stay from September 7th-13th.  They caught a total of 44 sturgeon with 24 of them being between 40-63 inches.  They also caught some walleye and small mouth bass to take home with them.

September 10th, 2013:
    I talked to the WI sturgeon fishermen today and they caught 11 sturgeon yesterday with the biggest one being 63 inches!  They had a triple header which was a 40, 43 and half, and 44 and half!  They had a double header which included a 50 inch sturgeon!  They didn't catch any sturgeon to tag though but they came in with 5 walleyes and 5 small mouth bass.  The first walleye that was caught was 20 and half inches and the guy was bummed he had to release it!  I talked to another group that is putting two sturgeon in the freezer that they caught!  They are biting!!

September 9th, 2013:
    Today it rained and misted for most of the day.  We got a little over half an inch here but that didn't stop the sturgeon guys.  They did go out in the afternoon and stayed out into the night so we will have to wait and see how the night bite was until I talk to them.  I hope they stayed dried as some of them didn't bring rain gear.

September 8th, 2013:
    After visiting with the WI sturgeon fishermen they told us they caught one for the freezer that was over 48 inches on the 7th.  They have caught about 6 sturgeon as of today with the biggest one being caught by Joe which was 61 and 1/4 inches!  They also had one that was really close to 45 inches and let it go because some guys said it was just under 45 and some said it was just over 45.  They will hopefully be sending us pictures.

September 6th, 2013:
    Earlier this week we had a father and daughter that spent 3 and half days fishing for sturgeon.  They caught over 41 of them during their stay with us.  Another group we talked to caught two 54 inch sturgeon on Tuesday and caught a few in the morning on Wednesday.  They are out there!!!  Grant went fishing on Wednesday night and they caught some smaller sturgeon.  Then on Thursday night Grant's dad went out for some walleye and came in with his limit mainly being saugers but did catch one keeper walleye.  Friday was a slower day on the lake for everyone and Grant's dad didn't have as good of luck on the river that night.  Hope to have a sturgeon report tomorrow for everyone from our WI group!  The weather was nice today except the wind could of been a little calmer.

August 23rd, 2013:
    The Sturgeon are biting right off the dock! We had a couple catch a 57 1/2 inch sturgeon right before 5 PM.  We talked to a few people that were fishing a few weeks ago for sturgeon and they filled 4 tags.  Grant and I hope to get out there in the next few nights to fill up our tags!

August 4th, 2013:
    Yesterday despite the wind fishing was really good down rigging and pretty good bait fishing with spinners.  Today fishing was slower because it was so calm out on the lake. 

June 4th, 2013:
    We went fishing tonight with Alyse's family for less than 2 hours.  We were near Pine Island in about 10 feet of water and just jigging with a frozen shiner.  Grant caught a walleye that was just over 25 inches, Jason (Alyse's brother) caught a walleye that was about 24 inches.  We ended up catching a lot of smaller walleyes but ended up keeping 9 fish.  Everyone was able to catch fish and when we were done we even fed the birds the left over shiners we had with.
    We also heard that people are catching their limits on the Rainy River right off their dock in about 5 feet of water.  The water is still high on the River but is starting to clear up.
May 24th, 2013:
    River fishing had been really good until we got the 3 inches of rain this past weekend.  The River is high and dirty but they are biting out on the lake.  With many slot fish being caught throughout the day.

April 29th, 2013:
    Grant took me out fishing yesterday for about an hour and 20 mins.  I had a few bites and finally hooked one that fought for 35 minutes before we finally got it in the boat.  Thank you Grant for convincing me to go out fishing!  Here is the 56 inch Sturgeon I caught yesterday and Grant was a great help reeling for a few minutes and then landing the sturgeon in the boat!

April 6th, 2013:
    Some groups had a good day fishing averaging about 50 fish a boat.  We heard of more slot fish being caught.  One group caught two 28 inch walleyes, three 26 inch walleyes, and one 25 inch walleye with some smaller slot sizes too.  Another group got a 27 inch for the biggest walleye for the day.  We counted the vehicles at the landings and there were 144 at Frontier and 162 at Birchdale.  Spring fishing has begun and hopefully we hear more reports of bigger slot fish being caught.

April 4th, 2013:
    Most groups that fished yesterday were saying the morning was the best time to be out there.  Some groups had a really good day while others weren't as lucky.  Groups are averaging 30-60 fish a day with some slot fish being caught.

April 1st, 2013:
    Fishing this past weekend averaged about 50-60 fish a boat with some guys doing good and some doing not so good. We heard of some slot fish, suckers, and sturgeon being caught.  We have heard gold and/or silver have been the color choice. 
Here is a picture of a 48 inch Sturgeon caught on March 30th:

March 11th, 2013:
    Check out the river conditions for a new update on the ice going out.  Fishing has been good up at the reefs while down on the south end is still proving to be spotty.  We had a group up these past few days and fished Northerns over by Warroad and caught some slot fish but we never heard of them catching one for the wall.

February 27th, 2013: 
    Fishing is still spotty on the south end of the lake and they are catching some walleyes in shallow right before dark still.  The reefs have been good the last couple of days and maybe it is due to the nice weather we have been having.  It has been in the 30s the last couple of days actually the cable said it was 51 degrees yesterday!!  I am so excited with these Spring temperatures I just hope the stay around!

February 15th, 2013:
    It's been exactly one year since we purchased Royal Dutchman Resort and we would like to thank everyone we have met and who has helped us along the way!  Fishing has been spotty lately with the Reefs showing more fish.  It seems that fishing is getting a little better everyday but still have spotty days.  Going in shallow in the evenings is also a good place for the walleye bite.

January 21st, 2013:
    Fishing has been spotty still the last week with a quite a few tuilpes being caught lately.  My brother and his friend went out fishing for part of the day and caught 5 fish, missed a few, and kept 3 to eat.  The biggest one they caught was a 16 inch walleye.  It got down to -23 degrees last night and tonight is suppose to be even colder and then this weekend it is suppose to be warming up.

January 13th, 2013:
    On Friday we had some rain followed by some snow in the evening that lasted most of the night.  At one point it was a white out and you couldn't see too far in front of you.  The lake received quite a bit more snow than we did here.  The fishing has been spotty but there were some slot fish caught this past weekend.  The temps look like winter is here to stay and will be cold the next 10 days. 

January 2nd, 2013:
    We hope everyone had a good New Year!  Fishing this past weekend was spotty some days with mainly saugers being caught.  Some people that caught walleyes caught some nice slot ones.  We had a lot of cold nights and many of the resorts are opening their roads to half ton and 3/4 ton truck with restrictions on the size of the wheel house.  We also have heard that Adrian's Resort is allowing 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton vehicles pulling wheel houses nup to 22 feet lonng are allowed on their road.  Always check with the resorts when traveling on their road to be safe.  We are looking forward to another busy weekend and hopefully we will have some good fishing stories to tell you.

December 26th, 2012:
    We just got word that Cyrus Resort is opening up their road to 1/2 ton vehicles tomorrow morning (Thursday the 27th).  We will post on here when we hear the roads are open to 1/2 ton vehicles but so far it is just this one.

December 25th, 2012:
    We would like to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas!"  We hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!  We were able to enjoy our Christmas break with family and friends.  For some fishing information.  Sounds like they are only allowing small to mid size SUV's and small trucks not pulling wheel houses.    
    Here is what Adrian's Resort posted yesterday about their road on Facebook : today out in the lake there was 13 1/2 to 14 1/2 inches. There are still scattered spots with less. The spot where I saw the last open water had 7 1/2 inches today. In the bay there was 9 3/4 to 11 1/2 inches. There is more on the trail in the bay but it is not ready for full size vehicles. The lake of the woods sheriff's department has restricted the bay to no full size vehicles. Some of the reso...rts may have to use a full size at times for certain puposes. They do have a permit to do this from a conservation officer. The conservation officers will not be giving permits to any individuals. As far as traffic on the road on the 26th we will be allowing small to mid size suv's and small trucks not pulling wheel houses. you can pull wheel houses with atv's and utv's. If your houses are to big for this you probably should not take them out yet anyway.

December 18th, 2012:
    Grant's cousin Edward and Brian were out fishing for most of the day.  They ended up catching quite a few fish right in front of our place.  Just at dark Brian caught and released a nice 30 inch Walleye!
Here is the biggest walleye Brian has ever caught: 

December 7th, 2012:
    The ice that had blown apart due to the wind shifting has pushed the ice back together.  It is now sealing up.  They are still advising no travel on the lake we hope with the cold temperatures it will seal up the crack fast!  Sounds like resorts won't start pulling houses out until early to mid-week next week.  Call to check and see if they are out yet!  Be safe!

December 6th, 2012:
    Sorry for the delay in the ice report we have been busy getting everything ready for winter.  On Wednesday the ice that had formed on the lake ended up seperating due to the wind.  There was open water a 1/2 mile wide.  Grant checked the Rainy River in front of our place today and there was 4 inches everywhere he walked. 

On December 2nd:  We took this picture of a local guy out he even pulled a portable house out one night.  We advise everyone to be safe out on the ice!!
November 27th, 2012:
    We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We spent the last few days with Alyse's family in South West Minnesota.  We saw a few snowflakes down there but there was no snow that stayed.  Alyse was amazed by how much snow was here because when we left there was no snow.  The Rainy River in front of us is completely frozen over and has been for a few days according to Grant's dad.  We also have heard from reliable sources that the bays are showing a good 2-4 inches of ice.  When Grant gets home I will be sending him out to get more accurate ice conditions for everyone so watch for the report the end of this week.  We have been having cold temperatures and below freezing temperatures.  The weather looks like it will stay cold with the highs never above freezing until maybe Saturday so we should keep making ice.

November 13th, 2012:
    You would think winter is here now!  On Friday night we got rain and freezing rain we woke up to an ice rink in the parking lot.  Then on Saturday we got more rain and freezing rain.  Woke up on Monday with snow on the ground and it is still here.  The river has had some ice in front of us but has been melting before the afternoon.  Grant still hasn't gotten a deer yet but hopefully soon. 
Here is the ice on the Rainy River from this morning

October 28th, 2012:  
    A group of 5 guys said that fishing was slower this afternoon and that the Northerns were biting more today.  They said right away they were catching walleyes but they were not keepers but they were able to get 6 of them to keep.  While fishing they watched a Northern try to eat one of their walleyes off the stringer and later on they caught a nice 22 pound Northern Pike.  There is a picture in the Fall Fishing Pictures.  It was in the 40s today with hardly any wind so they are hoping for some wind tomorrow because the day before was windy and they caught lots of fish.  Tomorrows forecast is suppose to be 46 degrees with some 18 mph winds.
October 27th, 2012:
    Some groups did really good while others didn't have very good luck.  The group that was doing good was over east of us and we heard that Birchdale wasn't good by the other group.  We did not hear of any big slot fish being caught.  The night temperatures are getting into the teens.  The water temperature was around 40 degrees where the people were fishing today.

October 25th, 2012:
    A couple went out fishing today and caught a lot of small walleyes but ended up catching enough to take home.  We didn't hear of any slot fish being caught today.  Today was colder and we even saw a few snowflakes early this evening.

October 19th, 2012:
    Grant and some friends fished for an hour and half this evening and caught 28 fish, kept their limits and caught 2 slot fish.  One fish was 24 inches and the other was 26 inches visit the fall fishing pictures.  Grant was fishing near our place in the same spot he always fishes.
    Another group caught enough fish so they could enjoy a fish fry tonight overall it sounds like the fishing has picked up and everyone had a good day.  
    We also just had some guys check in that made it to the river in time to fish for about a half hour before dark and they caught 4 fish near Clementson.   

October 15th, 2012:
    Fishing was good for some and not so good for others.  The three guys that were out for just a few hours brought in some nice keepers with most of them being walleyes and couple saugers.  They did not catch any slot fish but did release some small walleyes.
    A different group of three guys said they didn't have much luck and caught just one really small walleye.  Despite not catching fish they had a blast out there and are so excited to get out there tomorrow.  They told me they are going to catch walleyes tomorrow and I did inform them it is suppose to be 63 degrees so they will have nice weather too!
October 14th, 2012:
    The couple we have staying here told me today they have caught they limit everyday and have been eating fish every night.  They were able to catch 3 slot fish, and a Northern in the 30s they were back in by 2:30 PM.  The bigger walleyes are moving in and they are catching quite a few keepers.  They did say yesterday was a slower day and that his wife caught all the fish.  It also was a beautiful day out there.  Three guys also tired grouse hunting for the evening but did not see any out there.

October 13th, 2012:
    We have a couple that has been catching some nice keepers the past few days.  They are normally back in around 3 so they must know where to catch those eaters.  We haven't heard of any big walleyes being caught on Rainy River by us.  But there are fish out there I watched 5 boats fishing in front of place earlier today (thinking they were fishing the tournament that was today) and watch them catch some fish.  Another group of 3 people came in tonight and said they caught enough to eat but that the fish weren't jumping into the boat.  Their biggest walleye was 19.5 inches for the day.  The weather was cooler yesterday and now today the temperatures are in the high 50s here.  It looks like the rest of the week is suppose to stay nice so call and book your stay now while the weather is nice and fish are biting.

October 9th, 2012:
    Despite the rain/snow we have been having the past few days that did not stop the fishermen.  They went out all day and caught some small walleyes, a lot of saugers, some northerns, cut the line on a sturgeon, and were able to keep some fish to take back home.  They still have a few more days left of fishing so hoping they catch a big walleye.

October 5th, 2012:
    When we went to bed there was no snow and when we woke up this is what it looked like outside.  They are catching some walleyes still but are also able to find some keepers for supper.  This snow did not stop the guys from going out fishing for the day.

October 3rd, 2012:
    A group of guys enjoyed a full day of fishing despite the wind.  They said they caught a lot of small walleyes but were able to catch some keepers to have a appetizer before supper.  While fishing for walleyes and saugers they caught and release some sturgeon.  The biggest sturgeon of the day was 64 inches.

September 30th, 2012:
    Yesterday a group caught a sturgeon just over 45 inches to take home with them.  Grant and I decided we better go out fishing tonight since the weather was so beautiful up here and they are forecasting cooler temperatures this week.  Also today is the last day of Sturgeon fishing so Grant really wanted to try and catch one to keep and smoke.  Let's just say for the 1 hour and half we were out there he did not get his sturgeon.  I fished for walleye and saugers and ended up catching some keepers and a lot of small walleyes.  Grant and I laughed at the one walleye I caught because it was so small and I was having trouble keeping the fish hooked tonight. 

September 28th, 2012:
    Grant and I (Alyse) went fishing this evening for about 2 hours.....we caught a lot of small walleyes and some nice saugers. We ended up keeping 2 walleye and 3 saugers. I (Alyse) also caught the first fish and the first keeper not bad for my second time on the river this year.  Other groups also had some good luck catching fish with a lot of small walleyes being caught throughout the evening.  There were some sturgeon caught today but no big numbers a group said they lost some due to the line breaking.

September 26th, 2012:
    Grant and his cousin Sam went out fishing for a few hours this evening and they said, "we slayed the fish!" So I decided that I had to go fishing on my next available day to see if this was true.  They said they caught a lot of small walleyes and had a lot of fun.  They ended up keeping 10 fish total.  Grandma couldn't believe they didn't fry them up and eat them right away.

September 14th, 2012:
    We have a group of guys up here sturgeon fishing and they said they did good yesterday and today.  The biggest one was caught today was 57 inches.  They also told us they caught a lot of them in the 50s and that one guy alone caught 14 of them.  Grant and I (Alyse) are planning on going out fishing on Sunday night because we heard the walleye are biting on the River.  So we are going to find out and probably try for a sturgeon too since we both have tags to fill yet and the season closes soon!  
    We did not made it out fishing since the last report because we keep finding projects to finish up with the nice weather we have been having and then we had some crazy wind this past week.

September 5th, 2012:
    Grant went out fishing a last week and tried to catch a Sturgeon but ended up catching a few walleyes and one was in the slot.  We hope to make it out fishing this weekend because the Sturgeon fishing season closes the end of the month and I (Alyse) still have not went fishing for Sturgeon this year.  We will hopefully have an update this weekend on the fishing.  Fishing on the lake has been good all summer long and the fish are moving in shallower now and people are catching them jigging again.  We are so happy to inform everyone that we do have pavement on Highway 11 again!  We are not living in a dust ball anymore and they say hopefully by the end of the week or early next week they will be done with the third layer and most of the finishing work.

August 14th, 2012:
    The road construction is still going on and we do not have tar yet.  They tell us hopefully in the next few weeks.  Well the road construction hasn't stopped a group of 6 guys from Wisconsin from Sturgeon fishing.  They started fishing Sunday and leave on Friday and already have 4 in the freezer to take home!!  They have been having so much fun fishing all day and just coming in one time to eat.  Grant is hopefully going to have time to go with them fishing either tomorrow or Thursday night and we hope to get some pictures from them.  The biggest Sturgeon so far is 60 and half inches long.

July 8th, 2012:
    We still have road construction going on and we can't wait til there is tar again.  There is still a detour if coming up North on Highway 72 remember to go all the way to Highway 11 and then turn East and go around the detour signs.  If you are heading East on Highway 11 remember to drive around the detour sign and just stay on Highway 11 to our place.  If you are heading West on Highway 11 you will have to follow the detour.
    Now for the fishing report!  Sturgeon season is now OPEN!!  We just had a group of couples leave this afternoon and they spent the last two days fishing Sturgeon!! They were able to keep one to take home. The biggest one was a 61 inch, some in the 40s, and quite a few smaller ones in the high 20s to low 30s.  They all had a lot of fun!  Book your sturgeon trip now while they are biting!

May 26th, 2012:
    Grant and his cousin Edward went out this afternoon for a few hours and caught over a dozen Small Mouth Bass and over 15 Northerns before it decided to rain on them.  They were under the Silver Creek Bridge til the rain stopped but they didn't make it back to shore before the second down pour happened.  They still had a fun time and said informed me (Alyse) that Bass do put up a fight.  I think one of these days I will have to try my luck at catching one.

May 23rd, 2012:  
    Sorry for the late update we have been busy around the place.  We did have a good opener with Micheal catching a nice bass.  Grant was able to go out for a morning and did really good in just a few hours.  Grant, Alyse and Sam went out on May 16th for about 30 mins and we caught 3 right before dark.  We hope to get out sometime soon again but the projects are keeping us busy.

April 26th, 2012:
    Some of the construction guys have been out almost every night fishing for sturgeon!  They average about 4 a night and are out there for around 2 hours!  The sizes vary but they mainly have been getting ones in the 40s to mid-50s.  We have more groups coming tomorrow for the sturgeon fishing and will post more reports when we know more.  Grant is going to try and get out there one of these days to try and catch another monster sturgeon.

April 14th, 2012:
    The reports came in with many fish being caught for the day but not big ones.  The weather turned out to be a nice day.  We hope that tomorrow is a good day of fishing before it closes for awhile!  Good luck everyone and Thank You to Everyone for the kind words!

April 13th, 2012:
    All the reports were good today many fish caught.  Not too many big walleyes quite a few mid-20s and high 20s.  It was raining most of the day but that didn't stop everyone from fishing for most of the day.
    One group of four caught about 100 fish yesterday and they weren't out all day long due to the rain but went out a few different times.

April 11th, 2012:
    We had a group of two guys fish half a day and they caught 63 fish with a few of them being 26 inches.  Nothing over 26 inches for that group.  It seems some groups are doing good and others are not having the same luck.

April 10th, 2012:
    We woke up to snow on the ground but by mid-afternoon it was gone.  The groups said fishing was fair and a few groups caught some nice 29 inch plus walleyes.  One group caught 82 fish for their entire stay.  Most averaged about 30 fish for the day with a lot of them in the mid to high-20s.

April 9th, 2012:
    Sorry for the late update.  Fishing is still about the same and we even had some snow on and off for the day.  People are still catching fish and remember the season closes at  midnight on the 15th.  So book your trip now to enjoy the fishing.

April 8th, 2012:
    Happy Easter!  We hope everyone had a great day.  The two guys that were fishing today said they caught 47 walleyes with a 28 inch and one a little over 29 inches.  They said, "It was a good first day fishing!"  We hope they have good luck tomorrow too.  They were fishing by Birchdale.

April 7th, 2012:
    A group did good fishing near Clementson today.  There was a boat that spent most of the day fishing in front of us and they did good and around 5 o'clock was when the fish started biting.   

April 6th, 2012:
    Fishing was still a hit or miss for groups.  Some groups did really good with catching walleyes in the high 20s while some groups didn't have as good of luck.  
    There was a sturgeon caught off our dock this evening that was 48 inches!  We hope to have a picture soon and get it up on here.  Today there was a fire about 8 miles South of Baudette on Highway 72 and we got to watch MN DNR planes come get water out of the River close to us to help get the fire out.

April 5th, 2012:
    Fishing was slow during the day but picked up in the evening in front of us.  Most people just stated that it was somewhat of a slow day but I am sure they enjoyed the weather.

April 4th, 2012:
    Fishing was very good for some groups they said they killed them and others still had a good day.  Everyone talked about how nice the weather was and how much fun they had out there today.  Grant's dad fished in front of the Dutchman this evening and caught about 25 fish in about 2 hours, most of them were in the mid-20s and a few in the high-20s

April 3rd, 2012:
    Fishing seems to be getting a little bit better...One group caught around 8 slot fish from 21 inches to 28 inches.  They had a fun day fishing and enjoyed the nice weather we had today.  They couldn't complain because they got enough fish to eat also.
    Another group caught about 75 fish for the day and said that it was a good day.  While some people didn't have as good of luck.  Many people are fishing near Frontier and Birchdale.

April 2nd, 2012:
    Fishing was about the same as it was yesterday.  Groups did good by Birchdale and averaged about 60 fish for the day.  We did get some rain and a couple said they even had hail two times.  The rain, thunder, and lightning didn't last for too long though and then the sun was shinning.  Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny last I looked so hopefully there will be more fish caught.

April 1st, 2012:
    Grant's dad and buddies caught about 50 fish for two days with one guy catching the biggest northern and walleye he has ever caught.  Jim (Grant's dad) caught the biggest walleye of his life which was a little over 31 inches. 
     Another group caught 75 fish for the day and said the morning was the best and then slowed down.  They caught a 31 inch walleye and then 3- 28 inch walleyes before having to leave.     
     A different group said they caught some fish and the biggest one of was 30 inches.  This was the biggest fish the son has ever caught.
March 31st, 2012:
    Fishing is still on the slower side but they are catching some nice slot walleyes.  Grant even got to enjoy the weather once it warmed up in the boat for 2 hours.  He caught 2 sturgeon with the biggest one being 61 inches.  A few friends were also fishing today and caught some nice slot walleye and a 55 inch sturgeon.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the weather later on in the day when it warmed up and were able to catch some nice fish.  Remember to send us your pictures with the size of the fish and we will get them up on the site. Thanks!

March 30th, 2012:
    We woke up to snow on the ground today but most of it was gone by tonight.  It was still on the cold side but tomorrow is suppose to be in the upper 60s is what Grant is telling me.  Hopefully this will help the fish to bite better.  Fishing was still slow today in the numbers but they are still catching big walleyes.  There was a boat in front of here that caught at least two sturgeon and they weren't here for very long so they are still biting. 

March 29th, 2012:
       Yesterday a group caught a 28 and half inch walleye and fishing has been still spotty. There are big fish being caught but the number of walleyes caught in a day aren't very high.  Fishing was slower today and many people didn't go out into the rain and snow to catch them.  Weather looks like it should get better each day now.  We hope to have more fishing stories tomorrow.

March 27th, 2012: 
    Fishing has been a little slower according to the customers.  The weather has been on the cold side yesterday and today.  They are talking 60 degree weather for this Friday and Saturday though.  A group of 3 guys said they caught enough fish to eat and caught one that was 29 and half inches.  We are missing the weather we had not to long ago and are ready for the cold weather to be gone.

March 25th, 2012:
    We watched two boats fish in front of the Dutchman today.  One of the boats was Grant's dad and friend they caught 30 walleye/saugers in 5 hours some of them were in the mid-20s.  We didn't hear of any big walleyes being caught.  I enjoy watching the boats that are fishing in front of us and watching the net go in the water and seeing the fish make it to the boat.  A group that came in said that they didn't have as good of luck and decided to come in early instead of freeze out there.  You can say that it was a Hit or Miss kind of day for everyone. 

March 24th, 2012:
    Everyone went fishing even though the temperature was not as nice as it had been.  The wind was blowing and made it feel even colder out there for the people.  We didn't hear as many fishing stories tonight.  Grant watched a boat that was in front of the place catch a lot of sturgeon.  Also, our friend that was up caught 30 sturgeon all different sizes with the biggest being 62 inches.  We will post a picture as soon as we get one.  We hope that everyone enjoyed their stay and had fun fishing. 

March 23rd, 2012:
    Despite the rain for most of the day everyone staying here spent most of the day out fishing.  It sounds like most groups did good for the day.  Todd's group which is 8 guys all ended up with their 2 walleye limit for the day plus caught some nice walleyes and a few sturgeon.  Brandon caught a nice 30 inch walleye and hopefully we will have a picture from him in the next couple of days.  We did see a picture and it was a nice one.  Many groups caught a few walleyes in the high 20s today.  Also there were some sturgeon caught with the biggest one being a 56 inch.

March 22nd, 2012:
    Mark (customer) said that he caught all Rainy River Fish and didn't see any lake fish yet.  They were able to catch a few to eat and they averaged about 30 fish for the day.  They also caught one that was 27 inch walleye for the day.  There were no sturgeon caught by them.
    A friend said that fishing was the best right before dark.  This is when he caught the most fish for the day.  Everyone enjoyed the nice weather.
    We also had one boat fish out in front of the resort all day and we watched them net quite a few fish.
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